Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 more sleeps!

... until the 12 week body transformation begins.

will blog before it starts regarding my plans for each week... make me accountable for it. Super excited! But can't now cos baby is due to wake up for a feed and I'm still not dressed!! Ah Motherhood... blog or shower.. those are my priorities! hehehe

Thanks for your comments of support everyone! Means alot to me!


Monday, September 13, 2010

T minus 1 week!

1 week to go until the 12 week body transformation begins. I'm starting to get psyched. Today I plan to go through my cupboards and chuck out the crap food. Not that I have alot of crap, but I have alot of "safe" foods.. that is, foods that I can eat when I'm having a disagreement with my lapband. I need to let go of this thinking... I need to stock my fridge and pantry with foods that I can munch on, that are lap band friendly and that aren't full of fat, salt and sugar. I'm talking mostly about crackers and biscuits that are easy for bandits to eat when nothing else will get down.

I've told DH that the pantry is being cleaned out, so he has asked if he can take some of the food to work.. I said no problem as long as it doesn't make it's way back to the pantry.

In other news, Motherhood is going amazingly well. I just love my little boy to death. He will be 12 weeks old in 2 days, I know... time sure does fly! He's getting a right little personality now and recognises his daddy and me and greets us with big smiles and happy squeals. We've got into a bit of a routine now with sleeping (yep, we've had a few sleeps through the night!! woohoo!!) and the breastfeeding is going just swimmingly. I will be going back to work in 3 weeks, part time. I'm excited but nervous. I'm worried my milk supply will run low because I'm not breastfeeding all the time, but my frozen supply isn't all that much - maybe 3 days worth? Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up if my baby goes onto formula, I just had it in my head that I would breast feed til he was around 6 months old.

Back at the gym and feeling fabulous. It does remind me how unfit I've gotten. Did a step class today and couldn't hold a plank or do many pushups. before I fell pregnant I could hold the plank position for a minute on my toes and I could do 10 pushups on my toes...

I have some great restriction with my lapband at the moment so just trying to work with it. can't wait til the 12wbt starts. I know that the weight will just fall off me, what with breastfeeding, healthy eating, exercise and a lapband as well!!

OK, the little monkey has woken up so it must be lunch time! Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12 week body transformation

I've signed up for the 12wbt... run by Michelle Bridges (Australian Biggest loser personal trainer).

I really need this to get in the right head space again. My eating is out of wack and it's because I'm using breast feeding as an excuse to eat more than I should and be eating the wrong types of foods.

12wbt starts September 20th and finishes December 12th, just in time for Summer! I would love to lose 10kg... will be setting my goals for the program in the next couple of weeks. I don't want t set an unrealistic weight loss target, but I need a challenge to keep me motivated..

In other news, I did my first spin class in 11 months last Saturday and I swear to you I almost cried as I was exercising. It felt so AMAZING to exercise at that intensity again. I freaking LOVED it and was tempted to stay for a second class, except that I felt like I was going to pass out. I would love to get back to my 3 spin classes a week... but that will depend on the LO and his schedule, but at the moment saturday spin is back on baby!

Haven't weighed myself in a while. Not going to until September 20th. For the moment I'm just going to gear myself up for the big start, clean out my pantry and fridge, read up on the book "crunch time" by Michelle Bridges and improve my exercise intensity.

Thanks everyone for your comments on the photos of my LO. He is super cute and gets cuter by the day!

Stace asked if I had any problems with my port while I was pregnant, if I had any pain or if it was visible through my skin. Towards the end (last month or so!) I did get a little lump where the port was, but no pain at all. My mum who would feel my belly thought that my port was one of the baby's feet. Since she doesn't know about the band I had to go along with it! Ah well!

OK, I'm off to bed. LO is sleeping longer now so I'm able to stay up past 8pm these days!

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new photo!

Hey all,

Just wanted to post another couple of photos of my little monkey for you all. Such a proud mum!

LBG xx

Sunday, August 15, 2010

8 weeks on

Wow! I can't believe it's been nearly 8 weeks since I had my baby! Still massively sleep deprived but my LO has started with the smiles and the "talking" so it makes the bags under my eyes well worth it.

Lapband wise, it's hit and miss at the moment. Some days I'm so tight I can barely get a protein shake down, other days, like last night, pasta was no problem. I don't understand why my band works like this. I don't think I ever will.
Checkup with the OBGYN was fine. I was 94kg which was a kilo or two lighter than the start of my pre-preg weight. The problem is that if I start dieting again then I run the risk of my milk supply getting low, which I don't want cos I am breastfeeding exclusively. And exercising too heavily (which I love to do with my spinclasses) also poses the same risk to my milk supply. So what to do? Definitely getting back to exercising, but not going to go as hard core as I would like to at the moment. I'm going to start back 1 spin class a week and the rest will be machine workouts and pump classes. This starts at the end of august when my gym membership kicks in again. As for the food and "diet" aspect. I'm starting my protein shakes in the morning. My main meal is generally at night cos that's when the band seems to behave itself the best. In between I'm going to concentrate on healthy snacks and lots of fluids.

Weigh in tomorrow!

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for reading.

LBG xx

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Alive!

Hello fellow bandits!
OMG motherhood is the craziest ride, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My little monkey man is nearly 6 weeks old (would you believe it?). I'm really starting to get antsy about going back to the gym, walking around is just SO BORING! And I love my me time when I go to the gym, so hubby has said he'll watch the baby while I go in the evenings .... but I really like going in the mornings. Gym membership starts up again at the end of August, so I'm going to wait until then and then I'm back at it with VENGENCE!
I've realised that I like food, and I like eating... so the only way to ensure that I lose weight is to tack on some hard core exercise ... like spin classes etc into the mix to ensure I can still eat what I want and lose weight. See, I can eat what I want, bandit portions, but it's the exercise that really kicks the weight loss into gear and at the moment I'm not motivated to take the baby out in the stroller or the carrier especially when it's cold and rainy out. I only walked once this week, cos the rest of the week the weather was shite... not a good excuse I know, but I don't want the baby to come down with a cold because I took him out in the wet weather (I'm a good mummy I know! :))
So, what now? I haven't weighed since Monday, but I was 94.8kg so just maintaining at the moment. I'm really trying to cook meals from scratch and eat "natural" foods... for eg, making a guacamole dip from scratch - avocados, tomatos, onion, sour cream, lemon juice, salt pepper... rather than buying the dip from the supermarket premade. I've been roasting chicken with loads of herbs and spices (so freaking delicious!), making salads with homemade dressings, salad wraps with loads of goodies packed... but I know I can eat too much at the moment and really need a fill. BUT, I am breastfeeding so I know I should be eating slightly more... I'm eating loads of good healthy stuff, no doubt there, but just too much...
... and tim tams... I'm eating too many tim tams :(

Here's another pic of my monkey man!

LBG xx

Friday, July 23, 2010

My baby is 1 month old already!!

...time sure does fly! Can't believe he's 1 month old already. Despite the 1am and 4am feedings, poopie nappies and projectile pee I fee so blessed to have this little guy in my life. :)

I dismally failed at my goals for this week. Only exercised twice this week, had fruit maybe once but I have been sticking to my bandit sized portions. I don't enjoy walking. I enjoy the gym and I can't wait to get back to my spin, step and pump classes again. 1 month to go until I can start back at the gym!!
Weigh-in on Monday was 94.1kg.

Just a short post today, monkey man is starting to wake up so it's time for a feed!

LBG xx

Friday, July 16, 2010

It was good while it lasted...

... the free weight loss ride is well and truely over!

Weighed in on Monday at 93.4kg. Weighed in today at 93.6kg. That's a loss of 12.4kg since I gave birth. Not bad in 3 weeks. But my weight loss has stopped.. and I haven't stopped eating crap.. so now it's time I pull in the reigns and get my head in the right space for weigh loss and healthy eating. I also need to start walking. I have been meaning to get out once a day with Master L but it's been so cold and I've been quite busy with relatives coming and visiting every freaking day. They've left now so back to some sort of routine.

I have been LOVING sushi though and have had it 3 times this week. SO GOOD!

I still have quite good restriction and don't really need to go back and see the fill doctor at this point in time. So I'm going to wait another couple of months and see how I go. I'm still getting evening heartburn but it's nowhere near as bad as it was when I was pregnant. I've halved my heartburn medication and only taking it before bed so I'm happy with that.

So the plan for next week:

Have breakfast every day - easier said than done when you've got a baby feeding on demand every 2-3 hours. I try and get a shower in there as well and clean the apartment, do some laundry and catch up on e-mails and stuff... but I will have breakky every day, promise!

Have 2 pieces of fruit every day. I have been SO SLACK in the fruit department. I've got some mandarins and strawberries in the fridge, but being winter I don't really feel like fruit at the moment. Gotta change that attitude.

Bandit sized portions - enough said on that one.

30-1 hour walk every day - again, difficult with a baby but do-able, either in the pram or the baby carrier.

Going to have to leave it there as I can hear munchin start to wake and should go and feed him now.

LBG xx

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I would sell my first born son for a solid 8 hours sleep...

... Just kidding!!

But seriously, I would kill for sleep that lasted longer than 2 hours.. I know I was complaining about getting up 5 times a night to pee, but I would take that over 2 hours sleep, 1 hour feeds, 2 hours sleep 1 hour feeds any day!! Ok, whinge over!

Sneaky jump on the scales today and I'm 93.2kg. Woo-freaking-hoo! I have yet to try on my pre-preggo jeans, they're in a box somewhere and DH has to get it down from the closet for me... It would be so cool if I could breastfeed my way to my goal weight! I think I'll probably have to start exercising to make that happen though... Breastfeeding will only do so much!

I am hardly eating at the moment. Probably 1 full meal (bandit sized full meal!) a day and that's usually dinner because my DH is home and he can take over the babysitting. Sometimes I manage a weight watchers meal in the middle of the day, but usually I get halfway through it and my boobie monster is up for a feed so it ends up going cold and bleh...

I'm snacking on cow cheese, nuts, rice crackers and corn chips. Very healthy I know... but so much easier for me to grab than to make a sandwich or a salad when you've got a second person attached to you and using up all your arms and hands (usually used for making said sandwich or salad!). I am drinking plenty of water though....

Tracey - I only had the head of 2 spears of asparagus so maybe that wasn't enough to cause any problems cos I didn't notice a change in my LO feeding habits. But I will keep that in mind for next time I feel like asparagus. I heard that we shouldn't be having things like onion, cabbage, broccolli and chocolate as well cos it can cause gas in the baby when feeding?

OK, enough from me for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

LBG xx

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Weekly Weigh-in

I'm going to start my weekly weigh-in again and make myself more accountable again... It's been easy to hide my weight through the pregnancy cos it was OK to gain weight. But now thats all over with, my focus is on healthy eating and exercise.

Today I weighed in at 95.5kg. That's a 10.5kg loss in 12 days since giving birth. COOL. I'm sure this won't last though. I will get on at some point this week and update my actual stats on the side of my blog as they are heaps old!

I'm off to make chicken patties before Master L wakes up for a feed. Tonight we're having chicken patties with grilled asparagus and zucchini for dinner. YUM!

LBG xx

Friday, July 2, 2010

Almost human again...

We've been back home for 5 days now and I have to say, it's amazing what a few hours of uninterrupted sleep can do for you. Granted, the sleeping tends to be done in the middle of the day, it's still soooooooo good to not have people come in and interrupt you, weird noises and other things that happen in hospital.

DS seems to like to sleep mostly during the day, so I try to have a good 2-3 hour sleep in the afternoon. Then feed him around 4-5pm, make dinner and chillax with DH until DS wakes for a feed at 8-9pm. Then I go to bed and feed DS around 11pm, 2am and 5am. DS is sleeping well during the day... I have to wake him for feeds and so I'm trying to get his night/day sleep cycles sorted cos they are backwards at the moment.

On the weight loss front... I'm down to 97.1kg... that's a loss of 8.9kg!! Yes, I am thrilled. I feel really soft and squidgy at the moment so I'm sure that my clothes don't fit exactly right. But that's OK cos I'm still wearing my maternity pants. They are ALOT looser though. My boobs are HUGE at the moment. I am breastfeeding exclusively and have gone up a couple of cup sizes... having huge boobs does have it's upside... they make my waist look smaller! hehe

I'm really not trying at all with my diet. Still have restriction, but not watching the calories at all. Just making sure I am drinking heaps of water. I am also going to try and get out for walks in the morning, just waiting for some more healing downstairs... it's also so friggen COLD right now!

And just as I give birth to my Baby, I have to send out a big congratulations to EM who has just found out she is pregnant (and also has a lapband!). YAY EM!!! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!

Thanks for reading!

And here is a photo of my precious little angel:

LBG xx

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a MUMMY!

Im blogging this from my iphone so i cant post any photos yet...

On June 23rd, 5 days early at 805pm weighing 8lb 4oz after 16 hours of labour... My little man made his grand entrance to the world!!

I will post up the birth story when I get a chance (sleep takes precedence at the moment!!!). But I am totally in love with my precious little guy and I'm doing just fine!

Weight on last day of pregnancy: 106kg
Weight today 29/June: 97.9kg

That's a loss of 8.1kg in 6 days!! 3.7kg of that was the baby :P

Once I get settled into the swing of things with little L I will get more serious about my weightloss! I would prefer to sleep than eat and I lost my appetite completely after the birth and while in hospital. And I am breastfeeding so that will help also.

LBG xx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

39 weeks!! 1 more week to go!!

Hard to believe that here we are 9 months later and on the last few days of the pregnancy. I am starting to have a bit of a freak out about the labour and birth. I mean, I know he's got to get out of there somehow.. and I REALLY want to do it without an epidural... but I just don't know what it's going to be like... I have NOTHING to compare it to.. and I think it's the unknown that is worrying me the most..

... and then once I have the baby, what then? I take him home and then what? Where's the instruction manual??? What did people do before the internet?!?!? I'm sure I'll be googling my way through motherhood *lol*

So this week will be pretty boring unless the baby decides to arrive early... I'm sticking close to home so alot of TV watching, napping and cleaning. I'm also enjoying the cooking side of things too.. and my hubby is reaping the rewards :) I have a large chain grocery store 5 mins walk from me, so if I need anything I can literally just pop over and get it.

I've completely lost my appetite... which has got to be a good thing for the waist line! (what waist line!!).

Finally, a BIG congratulations to Yvonne who gave birth to little Lucas on 12th June! Another PCOS lapband mumma who have me a smidge of hope when I first got diagnosed with PCOS.

LBG xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

38 weeks 5 days!

Holy Braxton Hicks Batman!! I've been getting alot today.. and they are mighty uncomfortable. What's worse is that inbetween them I've got my little one kicking the crap out of me cos I think he's going "WTF was that Mum? I'm already cramped enough in here as it is... cut that out!!" and then I get a foot in my ribs... The only thing that helps is the stretch out on the couch... oh gee darn, I think I just might have to do that!! :)

I've had a couple of readers ask me questions. If you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them - so please e-mail me on Thanks!

So, what's happening in the world of the lapband and being very very pregnant? Nothing much.. the restriction is really strange. Morning is liquids only, not only because of the restriction but because I'm feeling nauseous because of the high levels of hormones. I imagine the nausea will go away once the baby is here and the restriction will also diminish because the baby won't be pushing up on my stomach so much anymore. So will be interesting to see what I will and won't be able to eat once the baby is out. I imagine I'll be alot less restricted after the birth, which I am not worried about because I really want to eat well for the first couple of months after the birth for breast feeding the baby. There will still be some restriction.. but the physical pressure on my stomach at the moment is giving me alot more restriction. So, at the moment, because of that restriction, I'm being REALLY lazy with my food. This morning I had a Vanilla Milkshake drink... 1) because I'm craving vanilla milk and 2) because it's easy to get down, it's a good source of protein and gives me an energy hit. It's now 2.5 hours later and I'm not hungry at all... but I do have some leftover wraps from dinner last night so I'll have 2 mini chicken wraps with salad for lunch... That will take me around 30mins to eat, which is normal for bandits. Dinner tonight is slow cooked lamb with bacon, onion and carrots with rosemary infused dumplings and mini boiled potatos... Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. I've got the slow cooker going and the apartment smells AMAZING... The good thing is, is that the leftovers taste even better the next day... YUM!

Exercise has well and truely gone out the window. I've been walking to the shops each day and that has been enough to bring on a couple of contractions... so I can't even imagine what 30 mins of walking on a treadmill would do. I'm also waddling majorly now.. and my back is aching all the time, so I'm allowing myself to take the next few days off from the gym. I've put my membership on hold from 24June - End august... so I'm planning to do a whole lot of walking when the baby is here. It's such lovely weather at the moment that going for walks with the baby and hubby sound lovely... maybe not so lovely when it's raining or if I have a screaming baby... *lol*

OK, I've rambled enough for now.

Thanks for reading! 9 more sleeps to go until I have my little one in my arms :)

LBG xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

38 weeks 4 days!

10 more sleeps!!! Time feels like it's standing still but it's not really. Can't wait to have my baby here..

What am I doing with myself these days?well I'm up by around 930-10am then I potter around making tea and breakfast and then I might hop on the computer for a bit or go out and get some groceries. Around 1230-1pm I get myself some lunch and then plop my waddly butt on the couch and watch some day time TV. 3pm i'll have a nap until around 4:30pm, then I'll watch the news and then start dinner for 6pm. I'm usually in bed by 9pm and will read until 10pm. What a life! Feeling very very slobby at the moment but I really am finding it difficult to do any real exercise. I would swim, but do you know how hard it is to get into your swimming costume and get your butt to the pool when it's cold out?? I've stopped my gym membership from 24th June til end august.

Right now I'm just Cherishing the feeling of my baby moving inside me. My nails and hair look fabulous cos of the hormones but the downside of the hormones is my skin has gone crazy and I've got a few more pimples than i would like. Imagine hormonal skin all the time, not just once a month. Trying not to wear too much makeup at the moment as my skin is sensitive too.

Ok that's all from me. Have a good Thursday everyone!!

LBG xx

Monday, June 14, 2010

38 weeks 1 day!

It's hit me. The final two weeks of pregnancy have hit me like a tonne of bricks. I can't move properly, I need a hoist to get up, my lower belly aches, I'm waddling, my back is aching after standing for only minutes, I'm peeing every 30mins, I can't breathe properly, my hips are sore, constant heartburn and I'm so very tired. Wow! I was feeling pretty good before this week started and now I'm shattered. This baby can so arrive any time now.

...13 more sleeps and it will all be over.

LBG xx

Friday, June 11, 2010

37 weeks 5 days!

So now we wait...

I just did the last of my official jobs for getting ready for baby - fitting the infant capsule to the car.. just got to repack my maternity bag - cos I can't remember what I packed (bloody placenta brain!!) and then we wait...

... so ready... so ready to be a mum and have my body back. I feel old, clumsy, tired and just not quite right. I hate not having the same spring in my step. I hate feeling achy in my tummy and back, I hate the heart burn. I hate feeling slow.. taking my time just to get off the freaking couch! My pregnancy aches and pains have been pretty good in comparison.. so I can't really complain! :)

Another question came up regarding pregnancy and my band. Ames asked if the pregnancy caused any problems with the position of the port:

Nope, no problems with my port and being pregnant.. It's definitely more prominant and I can feel it, but no pain or problems with stretching or anything.

I have nothing planned next week, except to sit and home and wait. I have a feeling I'm going to drive myself crazy waiting, so I hope he makes his appearance early... but I guess he'll come when he's ready.

OK that's all from me, quite a boring post today I'm sorry! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

LBG xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

37 weeks 4 days!

Good morning all!

Day 4 of maternity leave and I have nothing planned except to wash a whole heap of cute little baby clothes. My heart melts when I look at them, they just look so small but the scary thing is, is that my little boy kicking away inside me can FIT them now!!! *eeep!!!* So today just chillaxing at home... will watch some TV, have a nap in the afternoon and do some baking for DH's international day tomorrow. He's Canadian so I'm going to make this special slice that comes from Vancouver which I googled the other day. But have to pop over to the shops to pick up the ingredients now.

Thanks heaps to everyone for their comments. I had a couple of questions which I will try to answer:

Congrats on taking the first steps to get a lap band. It's the best thing I ever did (besides marrying my DH and falling pregnant of course). I'm not sure what advice you want from me, so perhaps if you could be more specific I will be able to impart my "words of wisdom" about my experiences with my band. But, GOOD LUCK! It is so worth it!!

I didn't have any fluid/fill removed during the pregnancy. Infact, I haven't had any fill removed for a year now.. since before I fell pregnant. Actually I was due for another fill at the beginning of November because my weight was getting harder to maintain... but then I found out I was pregnant at the end of October and my lapband doctor advised me to just "see how I went" and to come and see him if things turned south and I found that I couldn't eat because of increased restriction OR that I was eating too much and putting on too much weight during the pregnancy. I've been in touch with my fill doctor during the pregnancy, and my OB knows about the band too. I've gained 8kg (around 20lb??) and have continued to exercise throughout. I have to admit, now that the baby is quite big and I have no room left, I've felt major restriction in the last couple of months - which has helped my weight stabilise and I've gained 4lb (around 2kg) in the last 3 months. Also, another thing with me (and I don't know if this is the same for other pregnant bandits) is that my hormones have an effect on the tightness of my band, and I used to notice this when I had my period as well before I was pregnant. Both my fill doctor and my OB have been happy with my weight progress while pregnant and have been evaluating me closely, but have no cause for concern. I'm not going to look at getting any fill put in until I've figured out the whole breast feeding thing... so maybe 2-3 months after the baby is born I'll book an appointment to see my fill doctor and go from there.

So lap band remains the same - liquids in the morning, then slowly introducing small snacks throughout the day mainly because of my heartburn. Dinner is still the best meal of the day for me, so trying to get a good amount of veges and protein during that meal. I'm thinking of making a chicken and vegetable pie for dinner... Mmmmmmmmmm!

Getting very very excited about becoming a Mummy now... he can come anytime now... I've sent an eviction notice so hopefully he gets the message and makes an appearance a couple of weeks early.

Happy Thursday everyone!

LBG xx

Monday, June 7, 2010

37 weeks 1 day - 20 more sleeps (or less!!)


First day of maternity leave was excellent. Had a hair appointment in the mornning and then came home for a nap mid afternoon. I could totally get used to being a lady of leisure but I know that this me time luxury will soon end once bubs arrives. Tomorrow I've got a waxing appointment to make sure all my bits are in good "condition" for the birth (sorry Brent, I know - TMI - heheh). Wednesday is coffee with some girlfriends who have already had babies, Thursday nothing and Friday I'm getting the car seat infant capsule fitted.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I love that I have 112 follows. Totally COOL that you actually are interested in what I have to say...

37 weeks 1 day - the heartburn was pretty sucky today and I was pretty restricted. Considering I haven't had fill put in the band in over a year, it's definitely got to be the hormones and physical pushing of the baby on my stomach that's lead me to increased restriction. I was able to eat a bit more for dinner, which is kind of normal - the band gets looser over the course of the day. The baby is moving every day and he is so strong now... feels like he's going to poke a foot through at any second. My husband laughs when he sees the alien movements in my belly. One of the things I will miss about being pregnant will be the movements - except at 4am when I'm tring to sleep.

Kat - you had a question regarding insurance but I'm probably not the best person to ask as I am from Australia and you (I'm assuming) are from the US? The way insurance works is probably totally different between countries... I'm sorry but I can't help you with your question, but good luck finding the answers you're looking for :)

OK, that's all from me today. Thanks for reading.

LBG xx

Sunday, June 6, 2010

37 weeks!! Officially full term!

So our little guy could come at any time now and everything would be ok! Can't believe we're finally at that point in the pregnancy. Seems like yesterday I was peeing on a stick and seeing 2 pink lines pop up clear as day. I'm still a little bit in denial about the whole labour and birth thing. I mean, I know he's got to come out somehow but I still don't feel like he's huge enough to cause me any pain.

I am definitely feeling slow and tired now. I finished work on Friday and am now going to take it easy until b-day. I did go to the gym yesterday and managed 30mins on the bike but it was tough going. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to the gym unless it's for swimming from now on cos I felt quite a few BH contractions while on the bike.

My band is now super tight as I enter the last few weeks of pregnancy. The morning is the worst. I drink water or tea and it sits there for half an hour. I either throw it up or try to let it go down. If I throw it up the band seems to loosen a bit but I can still only get porridge or coffee down until lunch. Lunch is a cup of soup and half a cheese sandwich mainly because the heartburn has kicked in and i need something fairly bland. Then I have some chocolate or something easy to get down in the afternoon like yoghurt or a glass or milk just to give me some energy. When I get home from work I grab myself a small bowl full of corn chips to munch on. Dinner is probably the only proper meal I can get down but it can take me up to an hour to eat. I make sure I have a good portion of vege at dinner. Then I have a glass of milk before bed. I'm supposed to be eating up to 2400 cals per day during this part of the pregnancy! Crazy. Looking forward to relieving the pressure of the baby on my stomach and lungs when he's out. My portions are tiny at the moment!! I guess on the flip side i'm maintaining my weight which is great considering this would be the time when most women gain the most weight cos bubs is putting on 30g of fat/day or around 250g per week!

Anyhoo, thanks for reading. Hope everyone has a great Sunday. I'll be sure to post a little more often now that I'm off work and will have more time on my hands (well until baby gets here)!!

LBG xx

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

36 weeks 3 days

I have a 7lb 2oz baby in my belly with 3.5 weeks to go. It's going to be a 9lb'er or come early. I hope he comes early otherwise I'm in trouble!!!

Appetite has completely gone, nausea is back except that now I have monster reflux that just doesn't let up. Looking forward to getting my body back that's for sure. I've gained some weight now at 104.7kg but I'm feeling like I've been retaining alot more fluid recently which shows cos I can't wear my wedding rings any more.

Induction date has been set for 27th June. Doc won't let me go past 40 weeks so if anything I have a definite date and won't have this baby in July.

It's our 2 year anniversary on Sunday. Going out for lunch and a movie. And this Friday is my last day of work for 7 freaking months!!

It's all happening. There is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel. Can't believe it's gone so quick and yet so painfully slow. Can't wait to meet this little guy now. I'm totally ready :)

LBG xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

35 weeks 1 day

Less than 2 more weeks and I'm done with work... Thank goodness! All I want to do is bludge at home for a bit and rest up before the big day. I am also suffering from placenta brain... To the EXTREME. I swear, pregnant women past 32 weeks should not be allowed to work in any job that requires her brain to be used.

So the the first week I have to muself I'm getting physically prepared for motherhood. How? I hear you ask. Well, Monday 7th June is hair appointment day, Tuesday is a major waxing session. Planning on getting a brazillian but I have a feeling it's going to be way too painful so just might have a tidy up. Wednesday will be a facial and pedicure and then Friday I'm getting the baby car seat fitted. Then I'm going to hibernate at home until I need to go to hospital to give birth, venturing out only to go to drs appointments.

Speaking of which, my next OB appointment I get another ultrasound! Yay! So excited to see my little man again before the birth. Hopefully I'll be able to put up another cool 3D scan on my blog.

And how's the lap band going? Pretty good! No weight gain at the moment. Steady at 103.5kg. Doctor is super happy as this is the time when preggo women gain the most weight. If I can stay the way I am I'll drop a good 8-10kg in the first couple of weeks after I give birth. The restriction is prefect. I'm sure once the baby is out there will be less restriction and I'll need to visit my fill doctor for a top up but for now I'm just grateful that I can eat most things but still have some awesome restriction.

That's it for now. Thanks for Reading :)

LBG xx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

34 weeks 4 days

Holy crap peoples... I am on the home stretch now. 38 sleeps to go. Getting slightly nervous now with the impending birth and labour. I think it's been amplified by the birthing classes I've been going to. To know I have the epidural as a backup is comforting but I don't like the though of having a needle in my back. That freaks me out too. Ah well, I'll stop thinking about it now.

Had my baby shower on sunday and it was just gorgeous. Had a lovely lovely day filled with friends food games an presents. I was so spoilt and so was Rupert :)

My band is playing up now and I am super super tight. I've gained a little weight this week, now at 104.1kg. Not sure why cos I'm definitely not eating much. I think it might be baby and fluid. Never mind. GD is still well controlled with diet which the doc is happy with. I've been getting quite a bit of heartburn but it's managable at the moment.

I swear my child is moving furniture in there. He has been so active recently I feel like a foot is going to pop out of my tummy at any time! Kinda cool but can get uncomfortable as well.

Ok that's all from me for now. Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!

LBG xx

Friday, May 7, 2010

32 weeks 5 days

Hey all!

I had my 32 week ob appointment yesterday and everything is great. Turns out that the new diet has seen me lose 1kg since my previous doctors appointment 4 weeks ago. Woohoo! The doc said that it was common for those diagnosed with GD to lose a bit of weight when they change their diet. Considering buns has gained 750g since the previous appointment I'm cheering. So now at 103.7kg.

Band has been particularly tight this week and my heartburn has flared up. It is quite painful and I'm trying to deal with it through taking some over the counter heartburn and indigestion tabs. They just aren't cutting it anymore so mum has offered to give me some nexium to try which is a prescription drug for heartburn. Will call my ob next week to ask if it's ok to take. As a result of the HB my band has become super tight. I'm going back to very small portions and more soft foods like soups and mashed potatoes and stuff. I have PBd twice this week due to the band being too tight which has probably caused some irritation. Not to worry :)

Am loving my 8 month bump now because I actually LOOK pregnant rather than fat. For the longest time people at work were saying that I didn't look pregnant which is code for 'you look fat'. Unfortunately because I had a tummy to begin with I never got the nice round tummy rather it looks like a B shape. But on the flip side, I haven't developed any new stretchmarks! :)

Well 7 weeks to go until he arrives. More importantly 4 weeks to go until work finishes! Wooohoooo!!

Thanks for reading :)

LBG xx

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Next month!!

Holy crap... Next month I'll be a mum! I'll be meeting my little boy...

8 weeks to go :)

I'm a little excited...

... Just quietly

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

31 weeks 3 days

Hi all!

Just sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Brisbane so thought I might blog to you all. Have done 1 week of blood sugar level (BSL) monitoring and have been pretty much spot on with my levels except for 2 readings over 7.0mmol. Getting used to pricking my finger to get some blood. It hurts, every time.. I just have to keep doing this for another 60 days or 240 times! *LOL* I call it the Big Baby Test, because if I get a high reading then I could have a big baby! Mates at work have been really supportive. When I have to test my BSL they have a comp to see who can guess the closest to the actual number!!

I'm feeling quite fat at the moment, out of breath and tired. All normal preggo symptoms. Only 5 weeks 2 days until I finish work which I can't wait for. I can't even imaging how I'm going to feel at 37 or 38 weeks!!

Weight is going up again. Now 103.9kg. Baby is gaining around 150g/week now.

Ok well thanks for reading :) have a good rest of your day!

LBG xx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dianosis: GD

Yep. Looks like i've developed myself a case of gestational diabetes. I had a couple of risk factors for it:
1. I have PCOS
2. I'm overweight
3. I have a couple of family members that have type 2 diabetes

I'm a little disappointed I must admit. I thought I was doing some things right by eating small regular meals and taking in some exercise a few times a week. But nope, not enough. So what now? Well tomorrow I have a meeting with the diabetes educator and dietitian to talk about my diet. I wonder how many pregnant GD women with a lap band they see? Shall be interesting.

I also have to start monitoring my blood glucose levels after every meal. Yep, every meal. That's going to suck because I didn't want to tell many people at work and I'm going to have to do this at work.

And of couse will be back to my obstetritian for close follow up in 2 weeks and then every two weeks after then until I give birth.

Have made a commitment to do some form of exercise every day whether it be a short walk around the block or a 45 min swim or a 30 wii fit session. Apparently exercise helps control blood sugar levels.

Ok that's all from me. Enjoy the rest of your week

LBG xx

Monday, April 19, 2010

30 weeks 1 day

I'm hanging out at the pathology collection place doing my 2 hour GTT (glucose tolerance test) to test if I have gestational diabetes. I've only been here 20mins and already the chair is making my back sore. I'm feeling slightly ill from the drink too. And my heartburn is really acting up today as well.

Visited the maternity ward yesterday where I'll be going to give birth. Talk about a total reality check. Trying not to think about giving birth and standing in the delivery suite with a few stains on the ground made it all hit home. Will go back to trying not to think about it until I absolutely have to. At the moment I'm just enjoying feeling my little man moving inside me with his massive kicks and stretches.

Anyway, that's it from me today. Happy Monday!!

LBG xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My little man

Isn't he just the cutest little thing ever? So well developed, it's amazing technology these days... I could stare at this photo for hours :)
Scan went well. I have 2 small lipoma's on my abdominal wall. They shouldn't cause me any problems for the pregnancy but may have to have them removed later on in life if they start causing me problems or get too big.
Other than that, Rupert was amazing to watch. He is just so big now... and wriggling all over the place. He did a big yawn for us during the scan, that just melted my heart... He is doing just perfect... and we did confirm again that he is definitely a HE! :)
Now for my GTT next Monday.
LBG xx

Monday, April 12, 2010

29 weeks 1 day

Hello fellow bloggers!

I'm in the 30th week... almost on the home stretch now...

Just to explain about what a GTT is. GTT stands for Glucose Tolerance Test. It's a screening test for diabetes... or in my case, gestational diabetes which is diabetes that only happens during pregnancy. I took a one hour GTT (which is the typical screening test that all pregnant women have done at around week 28). I failed that... which means that my results came back too high. That is, the glucose levels in my blood were high because my pregnancy is masking the effects of insulin which is the hormone responsible for converting glucose in the blood to energy for my muscles. As a result, too much glucose in my blood means that there is too much glucose in my baby's blood as glucose can cross over to the baby through the placenta. High glucose levels (or gestational diabetes) can result in the baby growing too big. For the mum it means that she has a 30-50% higher chance of developing diabetes later in life. If the baby grows too big I'll need to deliver early .. perhaps 2 weeks earlier. There is also a risk that the baby will be jaundice (yellow), have funny blood glucose levels for the first few days of life and have some breathing difficulties due to the baby arriving early. Nothing too major to worry about, but if it can be prevented this is important too!

So, I failed my 1 hour GTT by "just a smidge" so I have to go back and do a longer GTT for 2 hours. I did this 2 hour GTT back in september and my results were perfect... so at the moment I'm not too worried.

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound which I am super excited about. It's actually to look at a small hernia / fibroid I've developed on my upper abdomen, near my port actually. Should be interesting as I'm sure the scan will pick up where my port location is but also the tubing connecting my port to my band. They will also have a look at the baby to see how he is developing. I am going to ask the tech to check the gender of the baby again, just to be 110% sure... and also see if the tech can get a good 3D shot of his face. We're so excited just to see him again. I can't wait.

Mummy Update
I'm doing fine, other than the lack of sleep. My back is starting to get a bit achey if I am on my feet for too long. I can't wait to be able to lie on my tummy again, oh how I miss it! I probably wake every hour now, to either change positions or pee... and I've still got 11 weeks of it to go... even more difficult as I am still working full time up until 37 weeks. It's going to kill me! Never underestimate the value of a mid-afternoon nap! :)
My lap band is still giving me some restriction which I love, but I'm still getting more hungry now. I'm focusing on smaller meals and snacks... fruit and yoghurt, small bowl of cereal with some mixed raw nuts and seeds, a salad and chicken sandwhich, some pretzels etc... The heartburn is pretty crap... but managable with mylanta..
Actually we have a fair amount of chocolate from Easter in our cupboards at the moment - and I'm not really fancying it... which is great! It does give me extra heartburn so I stay away from it. I'm enjoying my strawberry milk drinks just before bed which gives me a hit of carbs and a bit of protein as well so I don't get hungry overnight. I find that if I let myself get too hungry then I start to feel nauseous..

OK, that's all from me. Thanks for reading. I'll let you know how my scan goes and may even have a piccy or two to share tomorrow :)

LBG xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dammit! I failed my 1 hour GTT so I have to have a 2 hour GTT. The doc said not to be concerned as 9/10 women that fail their 1 hour test pass their 2 hour test. Also I have a small hernia below my left ribs so I have to go in for an ultrasound next week. So I'll get to see Rupert again which is good.

Brent - it's not a good idea to diet during pregnancy if you're already underweight. Being overweight my doc is encouraging me to lose weight or at least stay the same. The baby will get all that he needs from the mum no matter what the mum is eating.

Off to the gym tonight for a swim. Can't wait! Back is a bit stiff today.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

LBG xx

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

28 weeks 3 days

Hey all

Just chilling at the blood collection place before I have to drink my sugar drink for my gestational diabetes test. Then off to the ob for a quick visit!
Glad to report I dropped 300g since yesterday and was 102.9kg on the scales this morning.
Rupert has been kicking loads over the past couple of weeks. He has definitely turned head down cos I can feel the stronger kicks up near my ribs and the twitches and littler movements down in my pelvis. I still love feeling him move although his kicks are becoming slightly uncomfortable when he gets me under my ribs!! I guess I've got more of that to come eh?
As for me, the heartburn is the worst of it everything else I can handle. I'm even coping with the change in my sleeping positions although my hubby still gets woken up 5 times a night by me either getting up to pee or to change positions.

I've just discovered an application on my
iPhone for mobile blogging, so cool! Now I can update more regularly!

Hope everyone had a great day!

LBG xx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 weeks 2 days

11 weeks and 5 days to go until I get to meet my baby boy. I can’t wait! I must admit, pregnancy is becoming a bit harder now, and I can only imagine what it will be like right at the end when I’m carrying a 3-4kg bub, not to mention the fluid retention, not being able to breath, 24/7 heartburn and lack of sleep… but it’s not forever and there is a very big prize at the end of it!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent mine with my father-in-Law up north. It was painful but had to be done. I only had 1 easter egg (Cadbury crème egg) the entire weekend, but I still managed to gain 400g. Must have been the entire bag of Doritos I ate over the course of 2 days that did it!!

Off to see the OBGYN tomorrow. I’ve gained 1.2kg as of my previous visit 4 weeks ago – which is pretty bloody good considering that the baby has gained 500g in that time also. So if I can stick to 1kg every 4 weeks then I’ll only gain another 3kg. That will put me at 106kg – but if I lose all the pregnancy weight (average of 12-15kg weight gain for most women) then I’ll be back down to my pre-preg weight of 91kg. Which is an excellent place to start on my weight loss once the baby has arrived. Of course, I am going to try very hard to keep a stable weight from now on until the birth. The baby will gain another 2-3 kg in this time… and he can have all the fat he wants off me!!! Hehehe

I am getting heartburn with most meals now. But it’s still managable with Mylanta tablets. The nausea has come back a bit this week, so I’ve got to keep up with my small snacks in the morning. I’m trying to eat more fruit as well to keep up my fibre intake. The band has become tighter since my belly has grown. I’m not sure how much of an issue this is going to be, but I managed a vegemite and cheese sandwich for lunch today with no problems, and my apple is going down ok this afternoon, so I guess I’m not super tight yet!

I also have my gestational diabetes test tomorrow. It’s called a glucose tolerance test. You drink this vile sugar water and then wait for an hour to see what your blood glucose levels are. If your levels are over a certain number then you have to have another test that is two hours long. I had the GTT done just before I found out I was pregnant and it was perfect, so I’m hoping that it has remained the same!

Mum (who just happens to be a midwife) said that the baby was now measuring a week ahead of schedule. So either I’ll have a bigger baby to push out, or he’ll make his appearance a little early. I hope he comes early, I can’t wait to meet him.

Thanks for reading!! I can’t believe I have 105 followers! So cool that you actually are interested in my lil old blog and my somewhat boring life as a pregnant lapbandit!

Take care,

LBG xx

Monday, March 22, 2010

26 weeks 1 day

6 days to go and I will officially be in the 3rd trimester! WooHoo!!

Have really noticed that I have slowed down this week. I went to the gym yesterday and could just walk at 5km/hour on the treadmill. I did 20 mins and still managed to get an average hr of 130bpm... then went on the crosstrainer which was alot more comfortable for me and even did 10 mins on the stepper as well. Will be swimming Tues, Wed and Thursday nights this week I think as I didn't go to the gym for a swim last week at all as I was travelling for work. Actually, the travelling really sucked the energy out of me as well last week. I was EXHAUSTED after a 1.5 hour flight from Brisbane back to Sydney on Thursday Evening. I'm not going to stop travelling until 14th May for work... and that seems like aaaaaaaaages away. I've got at least 2 more trips to melbourne and 1 more trip to Brisbane before then...

Can't wait to finish work. I finish up on 4th June which is 11 weeks away. Seems like such a long time to wait.. lucky there are a few public holidays in there!

The band is behaving itself and providing a good level of restriction. Still getting a moderate amount of heartburn which is settled with a mylanta chewable tablet. Can eat bread, but not too much. I made hamburgers last night for dinner and had a wholemeal roll, but ended off taking off the top of the roll and using the cheese as the other piece of "bread", and then ended up leaving half the bottom of the roll and just eating the meat, salad and cheese separately.

Am currently at 102.8kg. So have put on 800g in 2 weeks. I attribute that to my Yum Cha experience where I ate like I wasn't banded and the fact that I hadn't done much exercise at all last week. So this week I'm taking salad wraps to work, loads of fruit and small portions for dinner... and of course... exercise!

So I've put on 7.8kg since the start of the pregnancy. So I am still at the normal weight gain for pregnancy and my doc isn't worried, but I still HATE seeing the number on the scales go up... it freaks me out! The third tri is when most of the weight gain goes on too... *eek*

Ah well, enough obsessing.

Happy monday everyone!

LBG xx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

25 weeks 2 days

Only 1 week and 5 days to go until I'm in the 3rd (and final) trimester. How exciting! This week my weight has remained stable at 102kg. Started at around 95kg in September and put on the majority of my weight when I was in the first trimester and over christmas - when I wasn't watching the scales AND was eating crap (cos that's all I felt like). But no more! I'm making a real big effort to watch the scales and to keep the weight gain to an absolute minimum. I definitely don't need a fill at the moment (although Sunday's Yum Cha experience was a whole other story!). So the update on the weight gain front is pretty good at the moment and I'm happy with the progress. If I can stay under 105kg then I will be lighter after I give birth than before I got pregnant, which would be awesome and a great starting point for my weight loss to begin.

My band was acting so crazy over the weekend. Sunday I went out for Yum Cha with my sister and, as if by magic, I felt like I could eat like a normal person. There was ZERO... and I mean ZERO restriction. I felt FULL, like that deep stomach gut hurting full afterwards, and haven't felt that way since before the band. Yet yesterday I could barely eat 2 bites of lasagne before I was full.

Baby is doing great. Giving me some wonderful strong kicks, at regular times throughout the day. He loves it when I have a double espresso coffee mid morning :) He's quiet through the afternoon and perks up again after dinner and just before bed. I love lying in bed with my hubby and have him feeling and watching my belly move. He gets such a kick out of feeling our little one move and kick inside of me. I love watching my husband's face light up everytime he feels something. We're definitely bonding over the experience, and preparing to become parents. My husband has grown this amazing attitude of protectiveness and is totally acting like the man of the family, standing up to older brothers and demands of other relatives to put me and our childs needs first. It's so lovely to feel protected like I do.

Anyway... that's it from me..until next time. Hope you are all well in blog land!

LBG xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

24 weeks 4 days

I know, it’s been a while. Things are great with bubs and I. I’m now in my 25th week and just starting to loose a little bit of energy. That spark I had early in the 2nd trimester has definitely started to fade a little as I get nearer to the 3rd trimester. Can’t believe I’ll actually be in the 3rd trimester in a little under 3 weeks!

I have had a wonderful time over the last few weeks just getting to feel my baby move more and more. He has definite periods of activity and sleeping and they are pretty much the same every day. Some days he’ll be more active than others. On Monday he threw a massive party and did some crazy somersaults. Now his head is up near my ribs and he’s River Dancing on my bladder and cervix – causing a few jumps from me when he decides to get going. I hope he flips again so his head is down low cos I enjoyed feeling him kick higher up, and also hubby could feel him more.

I had my ob appointment yesterday and have registered another 1kg gain in 4 weeks. My ob is happy with my weight gain so far, and is glad that I continue to swim and walk. My heartburn continues also, and is worse after some foods so I've been taking Mylanta for the really bad episodes, but at least I haven't had night reflux or anything. Hope that doesn't start happening!

12 more weeks of work left and it couldn't come soon enough. I am tired all the time, due to lack of good quality sleep but I'm coping OK at the moment.Don't know how I'm going to be when I'm 34 weeks pregnant though!

Thanks for reading. I'll trying to post more often, promise!

LBG xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

20 weeks 4 days

Hello fellow bloggers!

20 weeks 4 days today! Can feel my little one rolling around inside of me, and it’s the coolest feeling ever! I’ve even had a couple of kicks which I could feel from the outside, although he seems to get a bit shy when my husband tries to feel for it as well. I had my check-up yesterday with my ob, and everything is perfect. I’m supposed to just sit back and enjoy this part of the pregnancy now before I get too fat to move.

I’ve gained 7kg since September 2009. This is a really hard thing for me to deal with as I’ve been losing weight without all that much effort for the past 3 years. Speaking of 3 years, Feb 2nd was my 3 year Bandiversary! Wow! Since then I’ve been Married and now expecting my first child, and lost 30kg in the process! But I digress, seeing the scales move up even though I’m eating normally (for a bandit) has been a real challenge for me to get around. Part of me wants to try and stop putting on any more weight, but the other part of me knows that all of it is fluid, baby and maternal fat weight which is completely normal! I must admit, I didn’t have a great diet during the 1st trimester, but I couldn’t believe how absolutely put off I was food in general. Just eating was an effort, so I didn’t think anything about having a bowl of 2 minute noodles for dinner (yes, not very healthy I know) or having crackers with iSnack Vegemite and cheese just to stop me from feeling nauseous (which, I must remind you, are a slider food, so easy to eat!). I also had a lot of sugary drinks (lemonade, ginger beer, juice) to help with my energy levels and Nausea, but have cut back on that now because I don’t get that nauseous anymore. Sticking to water, coke zero and diet cordial as my drinks of choice. Also, for some reason, the band got looser in the 1st trimester and since bubs has started crowding my organs and growing upwards, my band has tightened again and I’m getting some heartburn now. But I’m managing that with small regular meals/snacks.
So, just to give you an idea – this is what I am eating during the week while at work:

BF (8:00am): 30g Muesli and skim milk (200cal)
MT (10:30am): 4 premium crackers with 1 slice cheese and vegemite spread (300cal)
L (12noon): ½ ham, cheese and salad sandwhich – no mayo or butter, just wholegrain mustard for a spread, with pickles, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion ham and cheese (150 cal)
AT (2:30pm): the other ½ of the sandwich I had for lunch (150 cal)
AT (5pm): Small Apple or Frosty Fruit Iceblock – depending on how hungry/tight I am (100cal)
D: Normal “bandit” sized meal with meat, vege and carbs – sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit icky or tired I’ll have more carbs or if I’m feeling tight (300-500 cal)
S: Strawberry flavoured milk (250mL) and a frosty fruit (200 cal)

Total cals: 1300-1500 cal/day and exercising around 2-3 times a week (swimming and walking) I also walk to and from work each day 30 mins.

Does that look like too much food?

VictoriaLee posted a question: I'm considering getting a lapband, but my dad and cousin had the gasteric-bypass weight loss surgery and they vomit all the time. Do you know if this is normal for lapband too?

No, it’s not normal to vomit all the time. It is normal to vomit if you eat too much in one mouthful and don’t chew your food. That’s because the food gets stuck and can’t pass through your smaller stomach. You find out very quickly what you can and cannot tolerate. And it’s not really a proper vomit. I.e. you don’t have any acid with the vomit, it’s more just the food that is stuck surrounded by a whole lot of mucus. Your body makes the mucus in your stomach to try and help the food go through. Some people call it a “productive burp” or a “slime”. The tighter your band, the more food you won’t be able to eat. You don’t want to vomit all the time because there is a chance that your band could move, or your stomach could become swollen and cause more problems trying to get down food. The good thing about the band is that you’re told to gradually introduce solid foods into your diet after surgery so that you get used to the smaller portions, chewing more and smaller mouthfuls.

Banditblossum – I didn’t realise we were so close in timing with our pregnancies! I must admit I have been slack on catching up on other people’s blogs, but I’ve bookmarked yours so I can have a peek to see how you’re doing as we’re only 2 weeks apart! J

OK, that’s all from me for today.

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can you believe I am almost half way???

I'm 20 weeks on Sunday. Can't believe that I'm half way through already. It's seem like it's gone really slow but really quick all at the same time. I had an awesome ultrasound appointment and bubs is doing really really well.... definitely a wriggler!

Most exciting is....

It's a BOY!!!!

YAY! So excited to be having a baby boy. Jumped on ebay that evening and bought some baby boy clothes. Hubby is so thrilled as well. Now to choose a name! That will remain a surprise until bubs is born... so for now he will still be known as "Rupert".

I'm doing great! Have been feeling bubs more now which has just been magical. I'm feeling pretty good as well, still not looking pregnant, just like I've put on weight... hoping that goes soon as I'm feeling pretty self conscious at the moment... and feel like a whale!!

I've been suffering from a bit of heart burn this week. I'm on a conference so the rich food and the fact that we seem to be eating every 2-3 hours seems to be contributing. I've had a couple of PBs as well which hasn't been nice but I know why that is... I was eating too quick. Good to see that my band is still working! I think the reflux is only going to get worse now so I've got to figure out a way to manage it other wise I'll go back to fill doctor and get some fill taken out.

That's all from me for now.

LBG xx

Friday, January 22, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

Wehey! Sorry guys, it has been way too long between posts! Christmas was super busy and I've been enjoying my summer holidays as well.

Christmas was so cool! Told the family that a baby was on the way and everyone was totally over the moon. It was so lovely to see all their faces as they opened our christmas card with the pic of the scan on it.

I've been feeling pretty good. Nausea on and off but managable. I've gained 2kg in 6 weeks since last visiting the OBGYN at week 10. I'm OK with that.

Still no proper bump, I guess all that working out at the gym is keeping my stomach muscles fairly tight. I am still going to the gym, but have stepped everything back to a slower pace and have taken up more swimming as it's easier on my back.

We have our 19 week morphology scan on 30th Jan when we get to find out if our baby is team blue or team pink. Still feeling the blue love at the moment, but I could be totally wrong. As long as it's happy and healthy I don't mind what colour it is wearing!

Have also started feeling some flutters which is totally cool! No definite kicks yet but some squirms in my belly every now and then. I love this feeling...

The band is behaving itself. I can eat, but not over eat which I love. I can eat most foods, bread included, but am still taking quite a while with my food so definitely not eating huge bites. Haven't had a PB in months... and have probably had 2 PB's during the entire pregnancy... which is great!

Hope all is well in blog land! I'm off to read some blogs.

LBG xx