Friday, July 16, 2010

It was good while it lasted...

... the free weight loss ride is well and truely over!

Weighed in on Monday at 93.4kg. Weighed in today at 93.6kg. That's a loss of 12.4kg since I gave birth. Not bad in 3 weeks. But my weight loss has stopped.. and I haven't stopped eating crap.. so now it's time I pull in the reigns and get my head in the right space for weigh loss and healthy eating. I also need to start walking. I have been meaning to get out once a day with Master L but it's been so cold and I've been quite busy with relatives coming and visiting every freaking day. They've left now so back to some sort of routine.

I have been LOVING sushi though and have had it 3 times this week. SO GOOD!

I still have quite good restriction and don't really need to go back and see the fill doctor at this point in time. So I'm going to wait another couple of months and see how I go. I'm still getting evening heartburn but it's nowhere near as bad as it was when I was pregnant. I've halved my heartburn medication and only taking it before bed so I'm happy with that.

So the plan for next week:

Have breakfast every day - easier said than done when you've got a baby feeding on demand every 2-3 hours. I try and get a shower in there as well and clean the apartment, do some laundry and catch up on e-mails and stuff... but I will have breakky every day, promise!

Have 2 pieces of fruit every day. I have been SO SLACK in the fruit department. I've got some mandarins and strawberries in the fridge, but being winter I don't really feel like fruit at the moment. Gotta change that attitude.

Bandit sized portions - enough said on that one.

30-1 hour walk every day - again, difficult with a baby but do-able, either in the pram or the baby carrier.

Going to have to leave it there as I can hear munchin start to wake and should go and feed him now.

LBG xx


serial slimmer said...

I like the idea of having a weekly plan. I guess having little goals makes them easier to achieve.

Check out my blog if you like, I'm trying to drop the pounds too, but my bloody doctor won't give ma a lap band! Still, I struggle on....

Keep up the good work!

Alison said...

Sounds like you're doing great. I was mainlining cake at this stage so to even contemplate eating healthily is fab!