Friday, May 7, 2010

32 weeks 5 days

Hey all!

I had my 32 week ob appointment yesterday and everything is great. Turns out that the new diet has seen me lose 1kg since my previous doctors appointment 4 weeks ago. Woohoo! The doc said that it was common for those diagnosed with GD to lose a bit of weight when they change their diet. Considering buns has gained 750g since the previous appointment I'm cheering. So now at 103.7kg.

Band has been particularly tight this week and my heartburn has flared up. It is quite painful and I'm trying to deal with it through taking some over the counter heartburn and indigestion tabs. They just aren't cutting it anymore so mum has offered to give me some nexium to try which is a prescription drug for heartburn. Will call my ob next week to ask if it's ok to take. As a result of the HB my band has become super tight. I'm going back to very small portions and more soft foods like soups and mashed potatoes and stuff. I have PBd twice this week due to the band being too tight which has probably caused some irritation. Not to worry :)

Am loving my 8 month bump now because I actually LOOK pregnant rather than fat. For the longest time people at work were saying that I didn't look pregnant which is code for 'you look fat'. Unfortunately because I had a tummy to begin with I never got the nice round tummy rather it looks like a B shape. But on the flip side, I haven't developed any new stretchmarks! :)

Well 7 weeks to go until he arrives. More importantly 4 weeks to go until work finishes! Wooohoooo!!

Thanks for reading :)

LBG xx

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THE DASH! said...

Hey, great to see you back for a start. And ouch to the heartburn. I hear Nexium is really great for reflux but then again you're very pregnant so def see the Doc. Glad all is well. OOh only a month to go till B-day!... thats baby day. How exciting. Can't wait to hear what you have and what his/her name is. x