Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back to it!

So it's Wednesday and I am still suffering from that pump class I so eagerly attended on Monday morning. I haven't been able to walk properly - so no spin or boxing for me. I've also felt really run down (probably the last 2 weeks catching up with me) and have been resting up on the couch when getting home from work. probably what I need at the moment. I've also found that I've been really tight at the moment so haven't been eating all that much either.

Back on the protein bandwagon and trying to cut down on processed carbs which is harder than it looks considering that it's the protein/veg which are the "struggle" foods for me. I'd much prefer some mashed potato or soft sloppy rice than salad! Must remember how to eat.. chew chew chew!

Barium Swallow next Wednesday and bloods drawn on Thursday, then clinic visit on 10th July!

Love LBG xx

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jet Laaaaaaaaaaaaaag...

So tired today.. so very tired. Returned home yesterday morning, but couldn't hold it together enough to stay away so snoozed on and off on the couch for 5 hours yesterday! Managed to get a bit of sleep yesterday night, but was still awake in the wee hours of the morning. Fab trip though, looking forward to going back in September!

Weighed in today... not pretty. 91.4kg

Not to worry. Back on the wagon today. Even managed to get to 6am pump this morning!

Love Love,

LBG xx

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Almost home..

Just hanging out at Hong Kong airport. I've got around 4 hours to kill and I'm dead tired from my overnight flight from Barcelona.

The trip was pretty damn amazing. First I was in Frankfurt for a couple of days for a meeting. While I didn't get to see much of Germany, I did love what I did see of Frankfurt. Then hopped on a plane (oh so easy!) to get to the UK where my relatives live. Loved every second spent with them, although man did they try to feed me! Didn't do too well food wise. The first day I was there my Aunt put the most massive english breakfast infront of me. I ate a couple of spoonfuls of the baked beans and a couple of mushrooms and had to apologise that I couldn't eat the rest. She felt so bad for not asking me how much I wanted, she just expected that I would have a healthy appetite.. then dinner was organised for that evening with all the family. Luckily it was serve yourself so I managed to deal myself a smaller portion and just eat what I could. Sunday I went for a pub lunch (bad bad bad place to go if you've got a band...). Luckily just as we were looking at the menu we got called over to a garden party that my cousins were at, so we skipped lunch and headed over where they had nibbles instead. On Monday I visited a friend in Bournemouth and then headed up to London in the afternoon arriving around 4pm. Caught the tube (an amazing experience!!) to Embankment station where I had dinner with one of my cousins. The resteraunt was called "Ping Pong" it was this amazing dumpling resteraunt. The problem was, there were three of us and the servings were 3 portions on a plate... and since the people i was with were starving they ordered 12 plates!!! I would of been happy with 1 portion from 3 plates... *sigh* so ended up visiting the bathroom a couple of times that evening... but the food was really amazing.
Next was on to Barcelona. Arrived Tuesday evening and went out to tea with some English colleagues I'd befriended on the ride from the airport to the hotel. I shared a Paella with one of the girls (which was great cos it was like risotto and way too much for even 2 people!!). Then at conference for 3 days where we just seemed to be constantly eating. Only a couple of times did I need to visit the bathroom, most of it was buffet food so I could put food on to small plates, have a bite and then get up and go for more food....
One Gem I did find while in Spain was Fanta Naranga (Orange Fanta). Not like our fanta that is sickly and sweet. This orange fanta was amazing, so refreshing with loads of ice... unfortunately it was quite high in Cals (around 100 cals / bottle). Left Barcelona yesterday (Friday evening) and did a 2 hour leg to Zurich and then a 11 hour leg to Hong Kong. Food on the plane was "meh". Wasn't really all that hungry to be honest. Had a couple of glasses of this gorgeous swiss red and watched a couple of movies before drifting off at around 2:30am...
Funnily enough I'm really hungry now, and am going to go off in search of this amazing soup place at HK airport where I've eaten before. I've got a craving...

13 hour to go until I'm back on home turf. This trip has defitely got my travel juices flowing... and I think I'll be talking to hubby about the possibility of a sea change to the UK while we're still young!!

LBG xx

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hungry at the weirdest times

So I'm in Germany right now for a meeting and am getting hungry at the weirdest times. Like 4am for example (which would be lunch time in Sydney). And then I'm so not hungry at lunch! Band has been playing nice. No PB's since I left Sydney. I have been enjoying Chocolate while over here ... but surprisingly I haven't been going nuts. I have eaten at Burger King since I've been here. I've found these most AMAZING chilli cheese nuggets which are so delicious. Imagine deep friend cheese, jalepenos and batter... and it's in a snack size so perfect for me!

Off to the UK this evening to spend 3 days with my relatives while I am in between meetings. Next Tuesday I fly down to Spain for a 3 daymeeting and then start the looooooooooooong 30 hour trip back to Sydney.

Off to Breakfast!

LBG xx

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Queeny!

Loving this June long weekend... celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday.. Love the fact that it's Sunday today and I've got tomorrow off too! And I love even more that on Tuesday I'm flying out to Germany. WooHoo!

So... curious if I ate the curry puffs? Yep. I got them, and I got Pad Thai. And as I predicted, the curry puffs made me so full that I had maybe 1 small mouthful of Pad Thai and that was it. What a waste of money! Stupid brain with it's stupid cravings. Actually, the Pad Thai wasn't as good as I remember it.. but the curry puffs were! So next time I feel like Thai I'm going to just order the curry puffs and enjoy them.. I don't need anything else except the entree sized serving. I just keep forgetting that... 2.5 years in and I still keep forgetting!!!

Still travelling on the no chocolate train.. it's not hard.. truely it's not. And it's probably saved me from thousands of empty calories that I probably would have otherwise ingested. Yesterday when I went to the movies with hubby for our anniversary, he ordered a malteser frappe.. I would normally have "tried" it a couple of times.. he also bought some chocolate for the movie, I had some lollies and some crisps.

However, going away I'm starting to think that I postpone my chocolate challenge until I return. This trip will be amazing and I want to enjoy every part of it, including chocolate! I'm in two minds about it. I was thinking that when I leave Australian soil, all bets are off. C'mon peoples!! I'm travelling business on Swiss Air.. the country of excellent chocolate..

Exercise this week has been fabulous..

Monday - pump 450 cals
Tuesday - Spin 550 cals
Wednesday - Boxing 600 cals
Thursday - Pump 450 cals
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Spin 550 cals
Sunday - Walk at 2pm with KLM (1 hour I'll burn around 600 cals I reckon)

Tomorrow I'm going to do a step/pump combo, tuesday morning I'll go to an early morning spin class then I'm off for 2 weeks with no routine exercise. I plan to bring my trainers and some gym clothes with me, but I don't know what my chances are going to get in a workout.. but I will try.

Have a great long weekend all!!

LBG xx

Friday, June 5, 2009


So Friday night is take away night in my household. Hubby is out for dinner with some mates, so I'm just chilling at home. I have a massive CRAVING for Pad Thai.. and these curry puffs that you get from my local Thai take away... I can't stop thinking about this damn curry puffs.. it's making mouth water.

So what do I do? I know I'll get 2 bites in and be full... but I'm feeling the head hunger badly today. I think I just want the taste of it.. that's all.

Damn you curry puffs!!!

LBG xx

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I took today off work. I really needed it. I'm just chilling with my hubby at home cos he's actually sick today. Looks like he's got sinusitus or something like that. Funny really, he's been sick twice in 3 weeks and I've been around him all that time and I haven't caught anything from him. My immune system must be rockin!

I'm coming up to TTOM and I always retain some fluid the week before. I'm at 90.4kg today but really do feel "thinner" than that.. I will be skipping my next visit with Aunt Flow as I'll be overseas during that time. I'll be out of my routine while I'm overseas so not sure how it's going to go while I'm away. I know that I don't eat properly while I'm away because the foods aren't band friendly but I won't be exercising like a mad person while I'm away. I hope to get a couple of hotel gym session in, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm off to Germany, UK and Spain for work for 2 weeks leaving next Tuesday... Can't wait!!!

LBG xx

P.S. 2 weeks with no chocolate!!! WooHoo!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh the pain!!

Fuck I am in AGONY today... the whole tops of my shoulders and the middle of my back is so SORE! Bloody PT session. She made me do boxing and alot of it at that. I had to do alot of hook reps and I can feel it today. I also was made to to tricep dips inbetween... great session, but fuck I'm sore today. I did however make it to Pump this morning. I don't think I'd complete woken up by the time I started the class and now I am starting to feel it.

Whinge over!!

Protein today will be in the form of:

Protein Porridge for Breakky - 35g protein
1 boiled egg - 7g protein
50g chicken breast - 8g protein
Yoghurt - 7g protein
Quiche - 10g

Weigh in this week was at 90.4kg. I put a skirt on this morning and it felt noticably looser.... I'm happy with that at the moment.. :)

Have a good week.

LBG xx