Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weight loss has picked up!

Down to 93.8kg this weigh in. Definitely comes down to the increased amount of exercise I am doing now that I'm fully recovered from my surgery.

I went out to dinner with my family last night. My family don't know about my band. All being very health conscious they were asking me what I was doing to lose the weight. "Smaller Portions and Exercising" is my usual reply. I'm not telling a lie, I'm just not mentioning that I have something that helps me along a little. I feel bad lying to them, especially when I am now 12kg lighter than my sister (I've always been the largest sister). But, I feel like this is my journey and I need to do this on my own. I will tell them eventually, but I don't feel ready at the moment. I think I still need to prove to myself that I can do it, lose the weight, get down to my goal weight and keep it off for a while.

But seeing my sister last night made my heart ache for her (she's gained 7kg since I last saw her in May!). Knowing that I could but won't give her the information and advice she desparately needs to help her lose weight was making me feel really guilty. I hate seeing her overweight and miserable, but I couldn't bring myself to confide in her about my lap band, because my family is so close I KNOW it will get out even if I ask her not to say anything to Mum and Dad.

One day I'll tell them... just not now :) and I'm OK with that.

200g to go until I've lost 15kg since the banding... bring on the 80's!!!

LBG xx

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I LOVE my band

Sometimes I love my band, sometimes I hate my band... at the moment, I am totally loving my band, and if I could... I would open myself up and kiss my lovely piece of silicon that's wrapped around my stomach... Hrmm. Ok, maybe not...

I weighed in at 95.4kg today. I know, I'm becoming a little scales obsessed but I just can't help it. I love seeing the numbers drop every couple of days. When I don't lose weight, the scales are my enemy and I put them away and only weigh in once a week.. but when I'm going through a good drop, I can be known to weigh in 2-3 times a day..

Just to give you an idea of what I'm eating at the moment:
BF: nothing, or a protein shake. (always have a berocca performance, iron tablet and fish oil when I first wake up and then a cuppa tea when I first get to work)
MT: half an apple or half an orange
L: Can of tuna, half a tomato, few slices of avocado, cucumber and capsicum (normally don't get through it all) or one of those small healthy choice twin pack frozen meals or a toasted cheese sandwich (normally leave the crusts so probably eat around 3/4 of it)
MT: the other half of the piece of fruit I was eating, or a can of coke zero if I'm not particularly hungry, or a Le snack or a cup a soup
D: 1 cup of something. I have these small ramiken dishes that I put my meals into now... or on a bread and butter plate... sometimes my band won't like what I've eaten, so it's normally with extra sauce
S: Cup of tea with or without 2 chocolate chip bikkies or 1 scoop icecream with chocolate sauce.

Averaging 1000 cals/day and exercising 5 times during the week burning around 500 cals per session.

I feel like I've gotten control of the band a little bit now and am working it to my advantage. It also really helps that I have some awesome bandit friends who I can turn to for advice or a bit of a whinge.

Speaking of which, one of my bandit mates and gym buddies is going into hospital on Tuesday to have a TUMMY TUCK after losing over 40kg. GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!

Enough from me. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Will post soon.

LBG xx

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Goodness gracious me!

What a month! My back totally fucked up at the end of August and I ended up having a partial discectomy to remove the piece of disc pressing on a nerve running down my leg. So, no exercise for this little chicken and consequently no weight loss either. I even had to cancel my fill appointment with Dr B as I was in hospital at the time.

4 weeks later and I'm back at the gym and feeling fantastic. NO MORE PAIN!! I'm even down to 96.1kg which is 100g off 20kg lost (since my heaviest).

I've been concentrating on foods that I know will make me feel fuller eating less of it, so chocolate is a no-no. Things like fruit and veges and lean protein (no surprises there!). Not PB'ing as much at the moment, only on the odd occasion when I get REALLY hungry and wolf something down and then think "Oh-Oh" as I know the inevitable is going to happen. Up it comes and I'm good again.

Will post more now that I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon again.


LBG xx