Friday, June 11, 2010

37 weeks 5 days!

So now we wait...

I just did the last of my official jobs for getting ready for baby - fitting the infant capsule to the car.. just got to repack my maternity bag - cos I can't remember what I packed (bloody placenta brain!!) and then we wait...

... so ready... so ready to be a mum and have my body back. I feel old, clumsy, tired and just not quite right. I hate not having the same spring in my step. I hate feeling achy in my tummy and back, I hate the heart burn. I hate feeling slow.. taking my time just to get off the freaking couch! My pregnancy aches and pains have been pretty good in comparison.. so I can't really complain! :)

Another question came up regarding pregnancy and my band. Ames asked if the pregnancy caused any problems with the position of the port:

Nope, no problems with my port and being pregnant.. It's definitely more prominant and I can feel it, but no pain or problems with stretching or anything.

I have nothing planned next week, except to sit and home and wait. I have a feeling I'm going to drive myself crazy waiting, so I hope he makes his appearance early... but I guess he'll come when he's ready.

OK that's all from me, quite a boring post today I'm sorry! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

LBG xx


THE DASH! said...

No way was this a boring post - this is exciting. Having a first baby is like nothing else - excitement is in the air. I hope all goes well - just post when you can. We await any snippets.

Sadaf said...

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