Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 weeks 2 days

11 weeks and 5 days to go until I get to meet my baby boy. I can’t wait! I must admit, pregnancy is becoming a bit harder now, and I can only imagine what it will be like right at the end when I’m carrying a 3-4kg bub, not to mention the fluid retention, not being able to breath, 24/7 heartburn and lack of sleep… but it’s not forever and there is a very big prize at the end of it!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent mine with my father-in-Law up north. It was painful but had to be done. I only had 1 easter egg (Cadbury crème egg) the entire weekend, but I still managed to gain 400g. Must have been the entire bag of Doritos I ate over the course of 2 days that did it!!

Off to see the OBGYN tomorrow. I’ve gained 1.2kg as of my previous visit 4 weeks ago – which is pretty bloody good considering that the baby has gained 500g in that time also. So if I can stick to 1kg every 4 weeks then I’ll only gain another 3kg. That will put me at 106kg – but if I lose all the pregnancy weight (average of 12-15kg weight gain for most women) then I’ll be back down to my pre-preg weight of 91kg. Which is an excellent place to start on my weight loss once the baby has arrived. Of course, I am going to try very hard to keep a stable weight from now on until the birth. The baby will gain another 2-3 kg in this time… and he can have all the fat he wants off me!!! Hehehe

I am getting heartburn with most meals now. But it’s still managable with Mylanta tablets. The nausea has come back a bit this week, so I’ve got to keep up with my small snacks in the morning. I’m trying to eat more fruit as well to keep up my fibre intake. The band has become tighter since my belly has grown. I’m not sure how much of an issue this is going to be, but I managed a vegemite and cheese sandwich for lunch today with no problems, and my apple is going down ok this afternoon, so I guess I’m not super tight yet!

I also have my gestational diabetes test tomorrow. It’s called a glucose tolerance test. You drink this vile sugar water and then wait for an hour to see what your blood glucose levels are. If your levels are over a certain number then you have to have another test that is two hours long. I had the GTT done just before I found out I was pregnant and it was perfect, so I’m hoping that it has remained the same!

Mum (who just happens to be a midwife) said that the baby was now measuring a week ahead of schedule. So either I’ll have a bigger baby to push out, or he’ll make his appearance a little early. I hope he comes early, I can’t wait to meet him.

Thanks for reading!! I can’t believe I have 105 followers! So cool that you actually are interested in my lil old blog and my somewhat boring life as a pregnant lapbandit!

Take care,

LBG xx


brent said...

_5_ days huh? You should let your son know he's working to a schedule ;-)

Yvonne said...

It is getting exciting isn't it - I can't wait until our move is over and done with so I can just focus on waiting for my little man.

I'm finding it tough too - the tiredness is really bad at the moment and I don't have enough energy to keep up with my daughter. I'm not caring as much about the weight gain now - there will be plenty of time after to lose it I suppose :-)

I wonder who will have their baby first as we are close enough together to potentially have them at the same time :-) the race is on LOL