Thursday, May 20, 2010

34 weeks 4 days

Holy crap peoples... I am on the home stretch now. 38 sleeps to go. Getting slightly nervous now with the impending birth and labour. I think it's been amplified by the birthing classes I've been going to. To know I have the epidural as a backup is comforting but I don't like the though of having a needle in my back. That freaks me out too. Ah well, I'll stop thinking about it now.

Had my baby shower on sunday and it was just gorgeous. Had a lovely lovely day filled with friends food games an presents. I was so spoilt and so was Rupert :)

My band is playing up now and I am super super tight. I've gained a little weight this week, now at 104.1kg. Not sure why cos I'm definitely not eating much. I think it might be baby and fluid. Never mind. GD is still well controlled with diet which the doc is happy with. I've been getting quite a bit of heartburn but it's managable at the moment.

I swear my child is moving furniture in there. He has been so active recently I feel like a foot is going to pop out of my tummy at any time! Kinda cool but can get uncomfortable as well.

Ok that's all from me for now. Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!

LBG xx


Em said...

Lordy Bigordy! You and Yvonne are freaking me out!

Glad to hear the GD is under control.

Em :)

THE DASH! said...

YOW! That came around fast. Beginning the countdown with you. Cant wait to hear about bub. :)

carla said...

So excited for you... I just found out I am pregnant so I am starting my journey..I am due in Jauary.