Friday, November 23, 2007

More about my check-up

This post is for Brent who wanted to know a little more about my check-up..

I didn't just "pop" in for a visit. This was booked in for the 9 month check-up. I also had a 3 and 6 month check-up as well. It's kind of included in my "plan" for the year, were doctor visits are built into my 1 year program with the band. After my first year, I can go back when I feel I need to - ie, when I get a fill, or I think that I need help with weight loss, or if I need to get fill removed. The point of the check-up is to take bloods and see how I'm doing on the inside. it's also a chance for the patient to talk about any food issues they are having.

I hope this helps! Not sure if you have a band, but I went through a full multidisciplinary team at the circle of care at Baulkham Hills in Sydney, Australia - dietitian, psychologist and physio, as well as the surgeon and follow-up doctor.


LBG xx

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lab Results say more than Weight Loss EVER will

So I went to visit my doctor for a check-up and to see how I'm going with the band. He was absolutely without a doubt extremely pleased with my rate of weight loss and how much I'd lost to date. He said that I was BANG on target for my weight loss goals, and the fact that I was losing weight at a constant slow rate meant that I wasn't going to put it all back on again if I had the band loosened at all. That made me feel a heap better considering the crap that I've been getting on my blog for the past few posts from Anonymous.

I've now lost 20cm off my waist, and 26cm off my hips, 12 cm off each of my thighs, 2cm off my neck (I didn't know you could loose weight off your neck?!?! How random!) and 2cm off my calves. Totally stoked! My Dr put the tape measure around my waist with the 20cm added on and I nearly swore... I was saying "shut up, you are kidding me"... it was a bit mind blowing seeing the cm's I'd lost as well.

Most importantly, I had bloods taken and I received my results today. My doctor is again, over the moon... I have HALVED my fasting insulin levels from 70 (pre-diabetic) to 33 - NORMAL levels! My Cholesterol has gone from 5.2mmol/L to 4.1mmol/L - now completely NORMAL without the use for statins or other cholesterol lowering medication, and my Iron status has gone from 9.0 at boarderline anaemic to 15.0mg, which is in the normal ranges! And I was worried that I wasn't eating enough meat with the band.

I was so happy with the results today. It just proves (again) that this band isn't just about losing as much weight as possible, I have more than halved my risk factors for stroke and heart attacks just by losing "only" 18kg in 9 months. I think that's pretty freaking good! (don't you?)

From one very healthy bandit!

LBG xx

P.S. I was 91kg on the doctor's scales and I'm OK with that! (and so was my doctor!)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Freaking busy! That's all I can say. I'm out of the country every two weeks from now until Christmas time, and I barely have time to scratch my own butt let alone attend to my blog. *sigh* Unfortunately, my weight loss has taken a back burner at the moment and I'm pretty much eating anything that won't get stuck, something I can inhale so that I don't have to waste time actually eating. Unfortunately, because I'm out so much, I don't get to control alot of what I eat. I'm at the mercy of room service (damn that delicious room service!) and anything that I can grab my hands on while I'm out that I know won't make me spew ten minutes into the meal. Consequently I have gained a kilo. Not to worry! I'll be back on board soon! Have bought my gym stuff with me this week to the hotel I'm staying at, and I plan to be at the gym before breakky every morning!

LBG xx

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Anonymous...

Another comment was left by anonymous (aka Gaye), it read as follows:

LBG – thanks for the enlightening info of WLS… I do believe you’re hiding behind the very bottom end of the WLS stats. I think the fact that you’re stopping yourself from eating much just to get to the 80’s for your next Dr’s visit is a bit melodramatic… but hey, each to their own and my name, just because you asked so noicely is Gaye. As for your little friend who thinks I’m an ass wipe and that I also “hit” her site, she got it wrong, never saw her site nor did I leave her any comments. But thanks for thinking of me…
November 6, 2007 4:00 PM

So Gaye, according to how much a person with a lapbad SHOULD be losing per week, from your last comment... you remember, 16kg in two months and all that, then getting into the 80's for my doctors visit this Friday should be doable... yet you are chosing to point out that the fact that I'm aiming to lose less than 1 kilo this week is melodramatic??? What's the deal? Do you think I should be dropping massive amounts of weight each week or not? Make up your mind...

Secondly, I'm not hiding behind any weight loss stats... I AM one of those weight loss stats - so what if I'm down the bottom? Someone has to be... I'm not sure if I made myself clear during my last post, but I'm PERFECTLY HAPPY with my rate of weight loss.

Fuck off Gaye... really..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

1kg to go until I'm an 80's girl!

Stepped on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh-in and I shocked myself. I thought I'd only be down maybe half a kilo this week, but I dropped 1.4kg, and am now at 90.9kg! YAY! Only 1 friggen kilo separates me from being a 90's girl and being an 80's girl. OMG! I reaaaaaally want to be in the 80's for the next time I see my doctor.. which is next Friday 9th November, and if I keep this up... I Just might!

I have a feeling that my weight loss this week was a little premature. I have been feeling quite off the past couple of days, and I haven't felt like eating. Yesterday, all I had was a Protein Shake for Breakky, half a small slice of turkish bread and some salad for lunch, and a le snak just before bed. I felt naseous all afternoon and every time I thought about eating I wanted to hurl. Even water was difficult for me to get down. So the fact that I didn't have dinner last night may have been the reason why I dropped such a huge amount of weight this week. Today I did a spin class this morning (1 hour!!), drank a bottle of water and then had a coffee and 1/4 of a bran muffin and that's all I've had since 10am (it's now 3pm). I'm feeling sick right now but I think that's because I haven't eaten. I know my band is going to be tight if I eat anything right now, but I have to have something! Maybe a hot drink will do the trick.

Will let you all know when I hit the sweet sweet 80's!

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx