Thursday, June 2, 2011


Howdy peeps!

So from the title of this blog post you might have guessed that that I have been struggling the past few weeks. Well, awesome guess.. you are correct! I'm struggling with a number of things at the moment:

1. My lapband is playing up. I can't even drink coffee in the morning most days... I struggle all day with food and then miraculously I'm fine for dinner. As a result, I snack during the day.. not bad stuff, but carby stuff cos it seems to be the only foods that will go down with a minimal amount of stuckage... so crackers, cheese, dip, eggs, cup-a-soups, biscuits etc. I know I'm not eating any more than 1500 cals per day, so my head is saying that I surely should be losing weight, but I'm not. it just does my head in!
2. I haven't exercised in around 2 months. So terrible. I am so ashamed about this. I can't use my baby, the move, work, winter etc as an excuse.. Now that I'm settled with the move, I've figured out where my closest gym is and I'm gonna start going more regularly.
3. My PCOS is still here - on cycle day 34 with no sign of AF at the moment. I know, CD 34 isn't an abnormal cycle, but if I want to start trying for number two I'd really like my cycles to be more regular.

I need to have an action plan to address my above "struggles"

1. Should I have more fill out? No, I need to make better food choices, eat slower, take smaller mouthfuls and when i'm full, stop eating. Basic bandit stuff here.

2. I'm gonna start going to the gym early in the morning again. Now that L is sleeping from 7pm-7am I have no excuse to get my work-out over and done with before he wakes so that DH doesn't get stuck with him in the morning with no help from me. Also, my travel for work has calmed down, so I have no excuse with work..

3. I'm going to visit my doctor at the end of this month to discuss an action plan regarding my PCOS. I've been researching the effect of metformin on PCOS and insulin resistance and the more I read the more I think this might be an option for me. I want to discuss this with my lovely GP and see what he says, if he thinks I should be managed by an Endocrinologist or by at fertility specialist (even though technically I'm not infertile I still have a fertility issue that could prevent another pregnancy) or just by him. I also need to discuss my ongoing heartburn issues. I'm popping zantac like they are tic tacs so going to ask if I need to go onto a prescription drug or something stronger. Also, I've started getting gall bladder pain during the night again. It gets super painful and I'm always afraid it's going to get to the stage that i'm going to end up in emergency. At the moment the pain wakes me up and keeps me away for around an hour then it fades and I go back to sleep, but each episode is a little more painful than the last.. it happens once every couple of weeks. I really need to get my gallbladder out - both my parents and both sets of grandparents had their GB out, so gall stones are hereidary in my family. It's only a matter of time and I'd prefer to have it out electively rather than wait until I end up in emergency, or worse, having a full blow GB attack while I'm away from home for work.

Other than that, things are going fine. My baby boy is turning 1 in 3 weeks time. I can't believe the time is going so fast and he will be one soon! I miss my squishy newborn but I am loving this stage of his life... he's my stubborn cheeky happy little explorer !

Peace out

LBG xx


Bunny said...

Hi hun! Your band struggles are exactly the same for me. I have been a bit looser in the morings though, but not being able to drink coffee is no stranger to me! I have mint tea in the mornings... always. It seems to get things warmed up and ready but its sip sip sip rather than slurp! I know it sounds odd, but coffee just seems to be too 'thick'. I am also free for dinner. I just settle into it and dont worry. I have tea and soup during the day and then dinner at night.

I can't snack at all really. If I have something straight up without drinking prior to eating I have to puke. So I quit the snacks and have just gone with it.

An unfuill would be a bad idea as those snacks would go down even easier!!! LOL I made that mistake a few years back and got myself into a whole heap of trouble!!!

I hear ya about the no weight loss thing... my loss is ver so gradual.. I think I lost 2 kgs last month. Some days I think its not worth it, but 2 kgs a month is 24kgs in a year!!!! NICE!!!

Keep doing the do hun and lose the snacks - maybe up the soup and drinks as that always makes me feel much fuller and I dont want to snack.


Kiwigirl said...

Sounds like you have a good plan! It's great to get the exercise in the morning - and then you feel great all day. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Caitlyn said...

We're here for you girl! Hope it gets better!

Jen said...

I read this scary article about the triggers of PCOS, BPA plastics being associated with PCOS.
I for one will be very interested in what your Endo has to say. Please circle back around with us give us the prognosis.

Campbellagain said...

You need to increase your protein, it truly does keep you fuller longer. Forget all those carbs. Get rid of them since they are your enemy. I have a fitness pal app on my phone and each item I eat is put in the phone and it calculates protein, vitamins, calories and carbs. You will be shocked at your numbers if you are not really watching it.