Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baaaaaad Experience with an egg sandwich!

So I was just about to hit the gym last night when I unwrapped my curried egg sandwich (left over from lunch). I was fairly hungry, so I took big bites. I swallowed, and it was then that I felt like the mouthful was stuck. I kept swallowing, but it was still there. It felt like I wanted to do a really big burp, or hiccup or something. I thought that I'd better have some water, so I took a gulp but I physically couldn't swallow it. So I was holding water in my mouth as a wave of nausea came over me. I thought, here we go, I'm going to throw up... *eek*. I just kept breathing and forced myself to swallow that water I had in my mouth. When I finally did, I still felt really sick... so I held out the plastic bag that I had my sandwich in... then I felt it: The relief of the food getting unstuck... It felt soooooooooo good! Obviously the water had really helped!!! The funniest thing about this was that I was in my car, in the car park when it happened, so I must have looked a right mess!!!

Moral of the story - Curried Egg sandwiches should be avoided!

LBG xx

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Fill Soon!!

I am so hanging out for my first fill. While I'm not eating nearly the same sized portions as I used to, I'm kinda feeling a little frustrated with how much I can eat at the moment. I must admit, I am definitely feeling a different kind of fullness, it's like I can feel food piling up if I get too full.

I've realised that this is definitely a mental challenge for me also. I went to a buffet dinner on the weekend, piled my plate with food, and ate only a quarter of it. I REALLY wanted to eat more, and as much as I tried, I got to the stage where one more mouthful would have been enough to make me feel sick and possibly throw up, yet in my mind I was sooooo disappointed that I couldn't eat anymore!! Strange eh? I'm also not chewing my food as well as I should, and really should get into that habit before I get my first (and subsequent) fills if I don't want to get anything stuck. It's almost like I don't have a band in at all!!!

I am back to my level of fitness before having the surgery, which I am really pleased about. last night I did a spin class and an aqua aerobics class back to back and felt great. Tonight I'm off to do a cardio session at the gym, Thursday I'm going to do a step class and Saturday will be another spin class.

I have a dietitian's appointment on Thursday, for more information on Soft food and transition eating (whatever that is!!). I'm not looking forward to jumping on the scales, as I don't think I would have lost anything since last visit. I know they say that the point of the first few weeks is for healing, but when you go to such an extreme to lose weight (like having surgery) you expect a bit more from yourself. By the end of march I would of had 3 fills... so hopefully I'll be losing weight steadily by then.

Happy losing everyone!!!

LBG xx

P.S A big hello to Veronica who stumbled across my blog and left a comment. Good luck for your first appointment next month!!! Keep in touch and let me know how you do!! :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

3 weeks Banded! Back to normal!

3 weeks ago I was lying in a hospital bed feeling sorry for myself. Now, I'm practically back to normal now. My scars are healing really nicely. You can hardly notice the small ones on my tummy. The large one near my bra line is the most noticeable, but its a nice pink colour and not an angry red colour anymore. I definitely know where my port is, and I find that I'm still having trouble sleeping on my tummy. I can feel it pulling and it really does hurt alot when I twist my body in bed to turn around. I understand that once the scar tissue builds up around the port area then it will not hurt as much, but at the moment that is the only thing that is still reminding me that I have a band wrapped around my stomach!!!

I'm not losing weight at the moment, which is a bit of a bummer. I'm looking forward to when i get my first (and subsequent fills) cos then the real restriction begins. I remember in the first few days after only being able to eat really small amounts and feeling ever so full afterwards, and that's the feeling I want again. I can't wait!!!

Ok, that's enough from me. Happy losing everyone!

LBG xx

P.S. Congratulations to KYLIE who has hit DOUBLE DIGITS. Well done!!! She started at 111.0kg and is now a svelt 99.0kg! Yay Kylie!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Puree Stage

So I started on the Puree'd diet stage of my diet and I have to say that this has been one of the most difficult stages. I do believe that I am fully healed and I have no more swelling. I also believe that I am one of these people who have been able to eat the same amount since before the lap band as I am constantly hungry on the portions that I have been told to have. I am pretty much eating normally now, and I do feel a tiny bit of restriction after a larger meal, but I definitely can handle more than half a cup of puree at each meal. I'm still worried that my band may have slipped and that's the reason why I can eat more at this stage. Only time will tell.

I have my second Dietitian appointment next week and then the first fill on Monday 5th March.

LBG xx

Friday, February 16, 2007

2 weeks Banded - How time flies!

My goodness, I can hardly believe that I had my operation two weeks ago. Time really does fly. I really hope the next couple of weeks fly as I'm not liking the puree'd stage very much. Always, so hungry... nothing seems to get me full!!!

I had my first dietitian appointment yesterday. She spoke about the transition from Fluids to Puree. How I should be having half cups of puree every 2 hours or so, 6 times a day. I am looking forward to having my first fill as I'm tired of feeling hungry! (as I thought the point of the band was to make me feel fuller quicker for longer!!)

Ok, so maybe it's lack of sustanence that's making me a bit cranky.. *lol* I really do love my band.

Just a quick shout out to Lizzie, Reney and Laura who seem to stop in at my blog for a read! Glad to hear that I'm "inspiring" and helping you guys with your own weight loss surgery. Hard to believe that me *Miss Fatso 2006* is inspiring people! Yay me! Thanks for reading my story!!

LBG xx

Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Dietitian Appointment Today!

2pm I have my first dietitian appointment which I am really looking forward to. I have started having more solid foods, which is really norti, but I can't stick to liquids as I am getting far far too hungry. I have also increased my level of exercise and find that I need MORE food to keep my energy levels up. So I'm hoping to get a bit of advice from the dietitian today.

Food Diary
BF: 1 weet bix, 2 tsp bran and skim milk
MT: 1 small coffee & a small tub of yoghurt
L: Soup (quite thick) or a very small serve of pasta with lots of sauce and pureed meat sauce
AT: Yo-go or custard
D: small serve of soft pasta, sauce and pureed meat or soup

Definitely less than what I have been eating before the operation, but I'm feeling a little anxious that I'm able to eat this food so soon after the op. I mean, I'm still meant to be on fluids at the moment!! What if the band has slipped out of position because of the food I've been eating??

Take Care!

LBG xx

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to Work

After a good 10 days of being a lazy sloth, it is now time for me to get back to working. I definitely had a good break, but I was itching to get back into it, as I was getting very bored at home!!! Still, it wasn't nice to return to 300+ e-mails and have a million things to deal with.

Because I'm sitting at a computer, the slouching isn't helping and my tummy is a little sore. Also, my wound sites, even though they are healing nicely, are getting really itchy!!!

I'm also finding that I'm not getting full at all on the diet I am on and am constantly hungry!! Only a few days left and I'll be on Puree'd foods.. *YAY*

LBG xx

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Week 2 Post op

Today I am 8 days post op. I'm pretty much feeling 100% better, just a little more tired than before and my wound sites are a little sore. But other than that, I'm doing pretty good.

I had a chat with a few lap banders, some have had their lap band for a while, and my mind was put at ease about the whole slippage thing. Basically, I'll know if my band has slipped and it would be only because if I vomited or ate too much too quickly, which I haven't been doing, so all is good.

Next week I am back at work, so looking forward to getting my mind onto something else instead of food. Even though I've had a good week off, my mind has been occupied with food (for obvious reasons) and it's starting to drive me a little nuts!!!

Thanks to Kylie and Monika who left a comment on my blog yesterday. Great Advice!!

LBG xx

Friday, February 9, 2007

1 week Banded!

Can't believe it's already been a week since my operation. This time last week I was lying in recovery wondering where the hell I was. Ah, Happy times.

I've got to stop weighing myself every day *smacks hand* I got a bit down today because I put on 200g. But in total I've lost 2.9kg this week, so freakin YAY! I'm going to start weighing myself every Saturday morning and NOT during the week cos I'm starting to get obsessive.

I'm a little paranoid that my band may have slipped. It's not that I've "felt" anything, had any pain, but I was reading my post op instructions and it was saying that if I had anything solid or lots of liquid at the one time that the stitches could rupture leading to slippage! I'm now able to have a good 250mL over 5-10mins with no problems and I am able to have small amounts of mushy puree foods. My instructions are to have thin liquids ONLY for 2 weeks. I'm starting to stress about it.

Question: Has anyone with a lapband experienced good recovery within the first week so that they were able to move on to mushies??
Question: Why do doctors have different instructions for their post op food intake? Dr Roy says liquids for 2 weeks, mushies for 2 weeks.. yet Dr Hughes allows his patients to go straight onto mushies... ???

Any advice would be great. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

LBG xx

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 6 Post Op

Feeling great today! I have just got back from the gym, after doing 30 mins non stop on the bike. I was even able to lie on my tummy last night (al biet for a little while), it felt so good to lie in another position other than my tummy.

I think my stomach is getting close to being completely back to normal as I'm finding that I am needing bigger portions to fill me up now. In saying that, I've now lost a total of -3.1kg since the operation. Yay!!!

I have my first dietitians appointment on 15th February at 2pm. I'm looking forward to getting some advice on food and the band. I'm sure I'll come away with loads of interesting information. I have started eating more pureed thicker foods though. I know I'm only supposed to be on liquids for the first 2 weeks, but I feel ready to move on to thicker foods. I'm taking things very slowly, only having the smallest mouthfulls and chewing very very well before swallowing.

I'm a bit paranoid that my band has slipped already, but I think that's just me being stupid *lol*

Take care!

LBG xx

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 5 Post Op

Today I got back to the gym for a bit of a work out. I could only do 10 mins on the treadmill at 4.5km/hr and 20mins on the bike at Level 2. So 30 mins all up.. pretty good I think! I'll definitely go to the gym for the rest of the week now and see if I can improve each day.

The steri-strips on my wounds are starting to come off a little now, and the wounds are pretty much pain free. I can press on them with no pain! Have started eating things that are a little thicker now, Yoghurt, pureed baked beans and vege soup. Good news, I've done my first proper bowel movement today (like I'm sure you wanted to hear about that). !! My movements have been squishy and very gassy so far, but today was a "good" movement. *lol*

Really missing just eating in general. You know, chewing something solid, the feeling of fullness, crunchy foods, chewy bready foods etc. At the moment, I am still feeling full, but it's a different type of full. Weird!

Still can't lie on my tummy, but I have been managing to sleep on my side if my tummy is supported by a pillow. My fiancee asked me last night when we can "resume activities" in his words!! *lol* I said when I felt comfortable.. which he was happy with. hehehe

The bruises on my legs from where they jabbed me with Heparin are turning a nice shade of greeny yellow, which is very attractive let me tell you.

Finally, I jumped on the scales to see how I was doing 5 days post op and I am pleased to report that I am now -2.5kg down from Friday!!!

Weight Pre-Op: 107.7kg
Weight day 5 post-op: 105.2kg

Yay! Speak soon!

LBG xx

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Day 4 Post Op

The bloating has finally gone down a little bit more today and I'm feeling a bit more human. My wound sites are looking good and are only a bit tender today. I'm also able to move about a little easier, getting up from sitting to standing is getting better. My fluid intake isn't probably the best, I am trying to drink a bottle of water a day, but I'm only getting through half a bottle, but having a cup of tea and some apple juice also. I'm not getting any headaches from dehydration so it's all good. Definitely starting to get sick of the optifast. I'm able to manage half an sachet for main meals, but I'm craving "food" in general at the moment.. I had home made soup for dinner last night and had a tiny bowl which definitely filled me up. I was starving before the meal and didn't think that this small soup bowl would fill me up... Boy was I wrong!!! Definitely got to start retraining myself on sizes of meals. Before the band I would of had 5 times more soup AND 2 cheese rolls with butter. I could barely manage 100mL of the soup last night... YAY! I guess it's working!

So, that's my update for today. I'm not even sure if people are reading this! For anyone out there who's considering getting a band done... I've given you an account of one person's experience with it so far... and it's been pretty good!

LBG xx

Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 3 Post Op

I've taken a week off work to recover from the surgery and I am feeling fantastic. I'm still getting the feeling like I constantly need to burp but can't and the actual wound sites are a little painful, but nothing a little panadol can't take care of.

I'm managing 200mL of liquids over about 30 mins at the moment which is pretty good. I'm definitely not hungry at all at the moment, which is great!!! So, my diet at the moment is:

Before BF: water - just lots of sipping and a cup of tea (drunk it a little too fast and felt very full!!).
BF: Optifast - 150-200mL drunk over 45 minutes
MT: 100mL juice, water water water!
L: Optifast - 150-200mL (using the other half of the sachet I used for breakfast!)
AT: 1/2 cup a soup
D: 1 small bowl (150mL) vege soup or half an up-and-go

And of course, drinking loads of water through out the day. I'm constantly full and really don't feel like having all of what I'm eating and I really have to try and force it down. I'm not feeling any nausea but definitely feeling a different kind of fullness. Starting to miss "chewing" something. I'm missing just the physicality of eating and swallowing.. weird. I know it's just a head thing..

Tonight I'm going to venture out for a short walk with my fiancee. We'll just go for a 15 min walk around the block. I'll go crazy if I'm cooped up inside all week!

Weight Loss to date
Weight on Day of Surgery (2/Feb): 107.7kg
Weight Day after Surgery (3/Feb): 109.6kg (fluid gain)
Weight today (5/Feb): 107.3kg -0.4kg!!

LBG xx

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I've done it! I'm a bandster!

Well I can hardly believe that I've had the operation. I was so nervous leading up to the big day, but it's been and gone with not too much trouble. I'm Day 2 post op, so still feeling quite sore where my cuts are. I'm finding it difficult to keep still in one spot as I get quite uncomfortable sitting, and my tummy is making rumbling noises all the time. I'm also finding it difficult to burp, and sometimes it hurts to burp, so I don't try too hard. Other than that.. I'm feeling quite good... No nausea or vomiting (thank goodness!!)

So, here's a rundown of my time in hospital and the immediate post op for all of those people out there who may be reading this who haven't had it done yet.

I arrived at the hospital at 6:30am after a pretty crappy nights sleep. I checked in at admissions and then was taken upto the ward where I would be staying for the night. I was in a room of 3 beds, but only one other bed was occupied. I was given a quick questionnaire about my medical history, told to get into my hospital gown and given a heparin injection (that hurt like hell!!). Since I was first on the list, I was trolleyed away fairly quickly... had to say goodbye to my fiance which is when I started to get a bit teary. So they rolled me in bed all the way to theatre, where I met my Aneasthistist. He gave me some awesome pre-meds that made me feel drunk. It was Freezing in the theatre, so I was given a heat pad for under my blankets until the operation. I remember being rolled into theatre 5, with a big light.. thats where I saw Dr T, the assistant surgeon. I can't remember what I said to him exactly. He asked me if I wanted to wait for Dr R to come in and say hi, and I just said I wanted to be knocked out. That was the last I remembered. Next thing I know, I'm being woken up in recovery to the sounds of two screaming kids. I was very drowsy so slipped in and out of sleep for the rest of the day. I remember the nurses coming in and taking off my gown and helping me into my pjs, washing my war wounds and giving me some more pain relief. My BP before the op was high - 147/90. When I came out of the op it was 90/40!!!! So I had to have the oxygen mask for most of the day. My BP came back to normal after a while and I was feeling alot better! About 4pm I was awake enough to be able to ask to go to the toilet. I was a bit worried at this stage how I would go with walking, but I was fine, it was just getting up and out of bed that was the hard part. The afternoon was fairly uneventful. Watched some TV, my fiance came to visit and that was about it. The only bad thing was, that I was Nil By Mouth for the whole day, and my throat was sooo sore from the tube down my throat and my mouth felt feral. I had baaaaaad hospital breath! The only thing I was allowed was crushed Pain Tabs with the tiniest bit of water, hardly enough to wash the taste of the tablet out of my mouth!!

I didn't sleep much that evening... mostly because I had a particularly annoying roomie who decided to turn her light on at odd hours of the night just to go to the bathroom, who had ear surgery so had to have her TV up extra loud and who was addicted to coffee and decided that 5:30am was a good time to get up and make one!

The next morning was my first try at fluids. I was given a cup of water to try.. it went down like a treat. Next was a delicious chicken consomme (watered down chicken stock) and some apple juice. Best thing I've ever tasted!!! I then had a rest for the morning until the Dr was round to see me at midday.. then I could leave. The Dr said that the surgery went well, and they even took photos of my insides! I can't wait to see them!

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. The car ride home was fine. I took a pillow to rest on my tummy. I started on full fluids when I got home, managed a cup of strawberry milk and half a cup of soup before having a nap in the afternoon. In the evening I had a full Up-and-go over an hour and that filled me up, but I was terribly gassy. A couple of De-Gas tabs worked a treat! I've been on the panadol since I left hospital which has kept the pain at bay.

Today, day 2 post op, I've been feeling pretty great. Still gassy, but not as uncomfortable as yesterday. I have managed an optifast sachet (half in the morning half for lunch), a cup of apple juice and some water today. I've also done my first poop in 2 days (nothing much to speak of.. but it was still something!!), but I've mostly been farting *lol*.

No shoulder tip pain to speak of, which I am glad about. I had a bit in hospital, but the peppermint tea really helped with it so I know what to take if it happens again!

Ok, that's it from me. Need to go and lie down for a bit as I've been sitting up for a while! Will report back tomorrow with how I am going.

LBG xx

P.S. Good Luck to KAT who is having her surgery tomorrow!!!