Monday, September 13, 2010

T minus 1 week!

1 week to go until the 12 week body transformation begins. I'm starting to get psyched. Today I plan to go through my cupboards and chuck out the crap food. Not that I have alot of crap, but I have alot of "safe" foods.. that is, foods that I can eat when I'm having a disagreement with my lapband. I need to let go of this thinking... I need to stock my fridge and pantry with foods that I can munch on, that are lap band friendly and that aren't full of fat, salt and sugar. I'm talking mostly about crackers and biscuits that are easy for bandits to eat when nothing else will get down.

I've told DH that the pantry is being cleaned out, so he has asked if he can take some of the food to work.. I said no problem as long as it doesn't make it's way back to the pantry.

In other news, Motherhood is going amazingly well. I just love my little boy to death. He will be 12 weeks old in 2 days, I know... time sure does fly! He's getting a right little personality now and recognises his daddy and me and greets us with big smiles and happy squeals. We've got into a bit of a routine now with sleeping (yep, we've had a few sleeps through the night!! woohoo!!) and the breastfeeding is going just swimmingly. I will be going back to work in 3 weeks, part time. I'm excited but nervous. I'm worried my milk supply will run low because I'm not breastfeeding all the time, but my frozen supply isn't all that much - maybe 3 days worth? Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up if my baby goes onto formula, I just had it in my head that I would breast feed til he was around 6 months old.

Back at the gym and feeling fabulous. It does remind me how unfit I've gotten. Did a step class today and couldn't hold a plank or do many pushups. before I fell pregnant I could hold the plank position for a minute on my toes and I could do 10 pushups on my toes...

I have some great restriction with my lapband at the moment so just trying to work with it. can't wait til the 12wbt starts. I know that the weight will just fall off me, what with breastfeeding, healthy eating, exercise and a lapband as well!!

OK, the little monkey has woken up so it must be lunch time! Thanks for reading!

LBG xx


Em said...

Good luck with the 12wbt. I'll enjoy following your progress - you're super motivated! Your fitness levels will come back I'm sure.

Em :)

Rene 1004 Descartes said...

Wow, your life is sure filled with lots of exciting adventures right now. I guess you never get bored. Best wishes to you and your family.

Alison said...

Sounds like you're doing really well.
Re, breastfeeding. I had huge babies, (10.3 lb's & 11.8 lb's, both early!) and couldn't just breastfeed as I didn't have enough milk so both of mine got the odd bottle.
I'm trying to say that it doesn't have to be either/or you can do both and your supply will regulate.
Good luck!

THE DASH! said...

12 weeks? Thats insane. I was thinking maybe 12 days!
Im so glad youve taken to being a mum so easily. It's really the best. Enjoy every second.
Also pleased you're doing well with your band. You are amazing to have coped so well with it during your pregnancy.

gastric lap band said...

It sure is a lot of time but make sure each day counts. You have to get going on that fitness program. Good luck on your weight loss efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog and thought I'd say "hi" from another lap band patient. Can't wait to read more :)