Friday, January 22, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

Wehey! Sorry guys, it has been way too long between posts! Christmas was super busy and I've been enjoying my summer holidays as well.

Christmas was so cool! Told the family that a baby was on the way and everyone was totally over the moon. It was so lovely to see all their faces as they opened our christmas card with the pic of the scan on it.

I've been feeling pretty good. Nausea on and off but managable. I've gained 2kg in 6 weeks since last visiting the OBGYN at week 10. I'm OK with that.

Still no proper bump, I guess all that working out at the gym is keeping my stomach muscles fairly tight. I am still going to the gym, but have stepped everything back to a slower pace and have taken up more swimming as it's easier on my back.

We have our 19 week morphology scan on 30th Jan when we get to find out if our baby is team blue or team pink. Still feeling the blue love at the moment, but I could be totally wrong. As long as it's happy and healthy I don't mind what colour it is wearing!

Have also started feeling some flutters which is totally cool! No definite kicks yet but some squirms in my belly every now and then. I love this feeling...

The band is behaving itself. I can eat, but not over eat which I love. I can eat most foods, bread included, but am still taking quite a while with my food so definitely not eating huge bites. Haven't had a PB in months... and have probably had 2 PB's during the entire pregnancy... which is great!

Hope all is well in blog land! I'm off to read some blogs.

LBG xx


THE DASH! said...

Ohhh, so glad everything is going well!! I have been wondering how you are - seems like everything is on track. That's great news. Would have been good to be a fly on the wall at Xmas and see your families face. How exciting was all that!!!

carla said...

So glad you are back to blogging. I am excited to follow your progress with the pregnancy and the band as I am hoping to get pregnant this year, want to loose about 15 more pounds before we try
You must be super excited about the flutters, I remember when that happened to me at forst I thought it was gas !!

Katie said...

Hi! Just stumbled across yo0ur blog - lovely to read a recent one! I am in early stages of getting banded, but also hubby and I want to start a family within a year too, so hoping the lap band will help me become healthy enough to go throught the process. So it's great to read how you are going with your band and pregnancy combined :-) Looking forward to further blogs. Are you in Australia or US, by the way?

Nola said...

Great to hear everything is progressing well and you feel well. Swimming sounds like the go for the main exercise during pregnancy? Always the safe option anyway:)