Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a MUMMY!

Im blogging this from my iphone so i cant post any photos yet...

On June 23rd, 5 days early at 805pm weighing 8lb 4oz after 16 hours of labour... My little man made his grand entrance to the world!!

I will post up the birth story when I get a chance (sleep takes precedence at the moment!!!). But I am totally in love with my precious little guy and I'm doing just fine!

Weight on last day of pregnancy: 106kg
Weight today 29/June: 97.9kg

That's a loss of 8.1kg in 6 days!! 3.7kg of that was the baby :P

Once I get settled into the swing of things with little L I will get more serious about my weightloss! I would prefer to sleep than eat and I lost my appetite completely after the birth and while in hospital. And I am breastfeeding so that will help also.

LBG xx


brent said...


well done.

Yana said...


Melanie said...

Congratulations - what a wonderful thing to bring a new life to our world. Well done and I hope you are both well.

THE DASH! said...

OH CONGRATS!!!! I have been wondering how you were and if bub had made his way into the world yet. Super excited for you and looking forward to more news.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, well done you!!

carla said...

OMG Congratulations!! I cant wait to see pics :-)

Yvonne said...

Congratulations again :-)

Hope everything is going well and the breastfeeding is going well too

Can't wait to see photos

Bunny said...

Hey hun!
I lost your blog for a while for some reason, and then today I thought Hey - Erika must have had her munchkin by now!!!! Then realised I could not find your blog and had just googled "LBG erika band" and up you popped!


I am so glad you got your little son and heir after all the worries a few years ago.

lots of love
x bunny x