Friday, June 18, 2010

38 weeks 5 days!

Holy Braxton Hicks Batman!! I've been getting alot today.. and they are mighty uncomfortable. What's worse is that inbetween them I've got my little one kicking the crap out of me cos I think he's going "WTF was that Mum? I'm already cramped enough in here as it is... cut that out!!" and then I get a foot in my ribs... The only thing that helps is the stretch out on the couch... oh gee darn, I think I just might have to do that!! :)

I've had a couple of readers ask me questions. If you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them - so please e-mail me on Thanks!

So, what's happening in the world of the lapband and being very very pregnant? Nothing much.. the restriction is really strange. Morning is liquids only, not only because of the restriction but because I'm feeling nauseous because of the high levels of hormones. I imagine the nausea will go away once the baby is here and the restriction will also diminish because the baby won't be pushing up on my stomach so much anymore. So will be interesting to see what I will and won't be able to eat once the baby is out. I imagine I'll be alot less restricted after the birth, which I am not worried about because I really want to eat well for the first couple of months after the birth for breast feeding the baby. There will still be some restriction.. but the physical pressure on my stomach at the moment is giving me alot more restriction. So, at the moment, because of that restriction, I'm being REALLY lazy with my food. This morning I had a Vanilla Milkshake drink... 1) because I'm craving vanilla milk and 2) because it's easy to get down, it's a good source of protein and gives me an energy hit. It's now 2.5 hours later and I'm not hungry at all... but I do have some leftover wraps from dinner last night so I'll have 2 mini chicken wraps with salad for lunch... That will take me around 30mins to eat, which is normal for bandits. Dinner tonight is slow cooked lamb with bacon, onion and carrots with rosemary infused dumplings and mini boiled potatos... Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. I've got the slow cooker going and the apartment smells AMAZING... The good thing is, is that the leftovers taste even better the next day... YUM!

Exercise has well and truely gone out the window. I've been walking to the shops each day and that has been enough to bring on a couple of contractions... so I can't even imagine what 30 mins of walking on a treadmill would do. I'm also waddling majorly now.. and my back is aching all the time, so I'm allowing myself to take the next few days off from the gym. I've put my membership on hold from 24June - End august... so I'm planning to do a whole lot of walking when the baby is here. It's such lovely weather at the moment that going for walks with the baby and hubby sound lovely... maybe not so lovely when it's raining or if I have a screaming baby... *lol*

OK, I've rambled enough for now.

Thanks for reading! 9 more sleeps to go until I have my little one in my arms :)

LBG xx


Yvonne said...

Oh it is so exciting - not long for you now :-) I am in baby heaven at the moment Good luck

THE DASH! said...

Nine more sleeps will go like the wind. I can't believe you're at the end already - went so fast (for us lol)Can't wait to see if you have a boy or girl...oooh exciting.