Monday, June 7, 2010

37 weeks 1 day - 20 more sleeps (or less!!)


First day of maternity leave was excellent. Had a hair appointment in the mornning and then came home for a nap mid afternoon. I could totally get used to being a lady of leisure but I know that this me time luxury will soon end once bubs arrives. Tomorrow I've got a waxing appointment to make sure all my bits are in good "condition" for the birth (sorry Brent, I know - TMI - heheh). Wednesday is coffee with some girlfriends who have already had babies, Thursday nothing and Friday I'm getting the car seat infant capsule fitted.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I love that I have 112 follows. Totally COOL that you actually are interested in what I have to say...

37 weeks 1 day - the heartburn was pretty sucky today and I was pretty restricted. Considering I haven't had fill put in the band in over a year, it's definitely got to be the hormones and physical pushing of the baby on my stomach that's lead me to increased restriction. I was able to eat a bit more for dinner, which is kind of normal - the band gets looser over the course of the day. The baby is moving every day and he is so strong now... feels like he's going to poke a foot through at any second. My husband laughs when he sees the alien movements in my belly. One of the things I will miss about being pregnant will be the movements - except at 4am when I'm tring to sleep.

Kat - you had a question regarding insurance but I'm probably not the best person to ask as I am from Australia and you (I'm assuming) are from the US? The way insurance works is probably totally different between countries... I'm sorry but I can't help you with your question, but good luck finding the answers you're looking for :)

OK, that's all from me today. Thanks for reading.

LBG xx


April said...


I was just wondering if you have had any fill removed during your pregnancy? I have been talking about it with my doctor, and he doesn't want to take much out, but my Oby/Gyn wants it taken out around 20 weeks if I am feeling restriction. Just interested in your journey

Cheers :)

brent said...

they move when they come out too you know :-D

carla said...

How exciting you are soo close!! I am right at the beginning ( 6weeks 4 days ). Hope you enjoy the maternity leave and the heartburn subsides soon :-)

ames said...

Hi Erica

Omg I've spent all morning reading most of your blogs from the start and I just wanted to tell you how inspirational you are I have my first consultation with my doc tommoro and am soooo scared have u any advice I'm getting married next year and I'm NOT going to be a fat bride ..