Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12 week body transformation

I've signed up for the 12wbt... www.12wbt.com run by Michelle Bridges (Australian Biggest loser personal trainer).

I really need this to get in the right head space again. My eating is out of wack and it's because I'm using breast feeding as an excuse to eat more than I should and be eating the wrong types of foods.

12wbt starts September 20th and finishes December 12th, just in time for Summer! I would love to lose 10kg... will be setting my goals for the program in the next couple of weeks. I don't want t set an unrealistic weight loss target, but I need a challenge to keep me motivated..

In other news, I did my first spin class in 11 months last Saturday and I swear to you I almost cried as I was exercising. It felt so AMAZING to exercise at that intensity again. I freaking LOVED it and was tempted to stay for a second class, except that I felt like I was going to pass out. I would love to get back to my 3 spin classes a week... but that will depend on the LO and his schedule, but at the moment saturday spin is back on baby!

Haven't weighed myself in a while. Not going to until September 20th. For the moment I'm just going to gear myself up for the big start, clean out my pantry and fridge, read up on the book "crunch time" by Michelle Bridges and improve my exercise intensity.

Thanks everyone for your comments on the photos of my LO. He is super cute and gets cuter by the day!

Stace asked if I had any problems with my port while I was pregnant, if I had any pain or if it was visible through my skin. Towards the end (last month or so!) I did get a little lump where the port was, but no pain at all. My mum who would feel my belly thought that my port was one of the baby's feet. Since she doesn't know about the band I had to go along with it! Ah well!

OK, I'm off to bed. LO is sleeping longer now so I'm able to stay up past 8pm these days!

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new photo!

Hey all,

Just wanted to post another couple of photos of my little monkey for you all. Such a proud mum!

LBG xx

Sunday, August 15, 2010

8 weeks on

Wow! I can't believe it's been nearly 8 weeks since I had my baby! Still massively sleep deprived but my LO has started with the smiles and the "talking" so it makes the bags under my eyes well worth it.

Lapband wise, it's hit and miss at the moment. Some days I'm so tight I can barely get a protein shake down, other days, like last night, pasta was no problem. I don't understand why my band works like this. I don't think I ever will.
Checkup with the OBGYN was fine. I was 94kg which was a kilo or two lighter than the start of my pre-preg weight. The problem is that if I start dieting again then I run the risk of my milk supply getting low, which I don't want cos I am breastfeeding exclusively. And exercising too heavily (which I love to do with my spinclasses) also poses the same risk to my milk supply. So what to do? Definitely getting back to exercising, but not going to go as hard core as I would like to at the moment. I'm going to start back 1 spin class a week and the rest will be machine workouts and pump classes. This starts at the end of august when my gym membership kicks in again. As for the food and "diet" aspect. I'm starting my protein shakes in the morning. My main meal is generally at night cos that's when the band seems to behave itself the best. In between I'm going to concentrate on healthy snacks and lots of fluids.

Weigh in tomorrow!

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for reading.

LBG xx