Tuesday, March 16, 2010

25 weeks 2 days

Only 1 week and 5 days to go until I'm in the 3rd (and final) trimester. How exciting! This week my weight has remained stable at 102kg. Started at around 95kg in September and put on the majority of my weight when I was in the first trimester and over christmas - when I wasn't watching the scales AND was eating crap (cos that's all I felt like). But no more! I'm making a real big effort to watch the scales and to keep the weight gain to an absolute minimum. I definitely don't need a fill at the moment (although Sunday's Yum Cha experience was a whole other story!). So the update on the weight gain front is pretty good at the moment and I'm happy with the progress. If I can stay under 105kg then I will be lighter after I give birth than before I got pregnant, which would be awesome and a great starting point for my weight loss to begin.

My band was acting so crazy over the weekend. Sunday I went out for Yum Cha with my sister and, as if by magic, I felt like I could eat like a normal person. There was ZERO... and I mean ZERO restriction. I felt FULL, like that deep stomach gut hurting full afterwards, and haven't felt that way since before the band. Yet yesterday I could barely eat 2 bites of lasagne before I was full.

Baby is doing great. Giving me some wonderful strong kicks, at regular times throughout the day. He loves it when I have a double espresso coffee mid morning :) He's quiet through the afternoon and perks up again after dinner and just before bed. I love lying in bed with my hubby and have him feeling and watching my belly move. He gets such a kick out of feeling our little one move and kick inside of me. I love watching my husband's face light up everytime he feels something. We're definitely bonding over the experience, and preparing to become parents. My husband has grown this amazing attitude of protectiveness and is totally acting like the man of the family, standing up to older brothers and demands of other relatives to put me and our childs needs first. It's so lovely to feel protected like I do.

Anyway... that's it from me..until next time. Hope you are all well in blog land!

LBG xx


Mountain Laurel said...

Congratulations! I just decided to Follow you, and noticed I am number 100! I thought I would drop in to say HI! :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what your surgeon and the maternity hospital has said about gaining weight - are they for or against because I kind of feel at the moment like too much pressure has been put on me not to gain weight (let us for a moment leave out the red tulip chocolate bunnies that I have a hankering for at the moment)

I googled some of the research and from what I read someone in the bmi i started in can still gain 7kgs without it being a problem.

P.S I am so hormonal today I don't think i can face a shopping centre with my daughter ever again

P.P.S as of tomorrow i hit my third trimester YAY