Monday, March 22, 2010

26 weeks 1 day

6 days to go and I will officially be in the 3rd trimester! WooHoo!!

Have really noticed that I have slowed down this week. I went to the gym yesterday and could just walk at 5km/hour on the treadmill. I did 20 mins and still managed to get an average hr of 130bpm... then went on the crosstrainer which was alot more comfortable for me and even did 10 mins on the stepper as well. Will be swimming Tues, Wed and Thursday nights this week I think as I didn't go to the gym for a swim last week at all as I was travelling for work. Actually, the travelling really sucked the energy out of me as well last week. I was EXHAUSTED after a 1.5 hour flight from Brisbane back to Sydney on Thursday Evening. I'm not going to stop travelling until 14th May for work... and that seems like aaaaaaaaages away. I've got at least 2 more trips to melbourne and 1 more trip to Brisbane before then...

Can't wait to finish work. I finish up on 4th June which is 11 weeks away. Seems like such a long time to wait.. lucky there are a few public holidays in there!

The band is behaving itself and providing a good level of restriction. Still getting a moderate amount of heartburn which is settled with a mylanta chewable tablet. Can eat bread, but not too much. I made hamburgers last night for dinner and had a wholemeal roll, but ended off taking off the top of the roll and using the cheese as the other piece of "bread", and then ended up leaving half the bottom of the roll and just eating the meat, salad and cheese separately.

Am currently at 102.8kg. So have put on 800g in 2 weeks. I attribute that to my Yum Cha experience where I ate like I wasn't banded and the fact that I hadn't done much exercise at all last week. So this week I'm taking salad wraps to work, loads of fruit and small portions for dinner... and of course... exercise!

So I've put on 7.8kg since the start of the pregnancy. So I am still at the normal weight gain for pregnancy and my doc isn't worried, but I still HATE seeing the number on the scales go up... it freaks me out! The third tri is when most of the weight gain goes on too... *eek*

Ah well, enough obsessing.

Happy monday everyone!

LBG xx


The Shrinking Rini said...

I love reading about how you are coming along! Congrats again! I would like to ask you a you know what your BMI was when you got pregnant? The reason I ask is because my doctors are being very insistent that I do not get pregnant before I get my BMI down under 40. Just curious.

Nola said...

You sound so happy!! Try not to stress about your weight gain....after all, look at what you are going to be rewarded with and then all the pram pushing will fix what is left! :)