Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Alive!

Hello fellow bandits!
OMG motherhood is the craziest ride, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My little monkey man is nearly 6 weeks old (would you believe it?). I'm really starting to get antsy about going back to the gym, walking around is just SO BORING! And I love my me time when I go to the gym, so hubby has said he'll watch the baby while I go in the evenings .... but I really like going in the mornings. Gym membership starts up again at the end of August, so I'm going to wait until then and then I'm back at it with VENGENCE!
I've realised that I like food, and I like eating... so the only way to ensure that I lose weight is to tack on some hard core exercise ... like spin classes etc into the mix to ensure I can still eat what I want and lose weight. See, I can eat what I want, bandit portions, but it's the exercise that really kicks the weight loss into gear and at the moment I'm not motivated to take the baby out in the stroller or the carrier especially when it's cold and rainy out. I only walked once this week, cos the rest of the week the weather was shite... not a good excuse I know, but I don't want the baby to come down with a cold because I took him out in the wet weather (I'm a good mummy I know! :))
So, what now? I haven't weighed since Monday, but I was 94.8kg so just maintaining at the moment. I'm really trying to cook meals from scratch and eat "natural" foods... for eg, making a guacamole dip from scratch - avocados, tomatos, onion, sour cream, lemon juice, salt pepper... rather than buying the dip from the supermarket premade. I've been roasting chicken with loads of herbs and spices (so freaking delicious!), making salads with homemade dressings, salad wraps with loads of goodies packed... but I know I can eat too much at the moment and really need a fill. BUT, I am breastfeeding so I know I should be eating slightly more... I'm eating loads of good healthy stuff, no doubt there, but just too much...
... and tim tams... I'm eating too many tim tams :(

Here's another pic of my monkey man!

LBG xx


Justine said...

Awww, what a cutey (the baby, I mean!) And those Tim Tams sure look good too....
Recently discovered your blog; congrats on your new arrival. I had my first baby 16 months ago - I suppose strictly speaking he's a toddler now, but he's still my baby! - and I was banded 6 months ago. Still wondering about having another baby so am interested in reading how you got on being banded and pregnant and how things are going post-pregnancy.
Best wishes!

Yvonne said...

you sound like you are doing great :-) I managed to get out for a little walk today around the park with Lucas in the carrier and Jess walking (my mum came too) :-)

The pic of L is really cute :-)

Shannon said...

he is such a handsome little man!