Thursday, June 17, 2010

38 weeks 4 days!

10 more sleeps!!! Time feels like it's standing still but it's not really. Can't wait to have my baby here..

What am I doing with myself these days?well I'm up by around 930-10am then I potter around making tea and breakfast and then I might hop on the computer for a bit or go out and get some groceries. Around 1230-1pm I get myself some lunch and then plop my waddly butt on the couch and watch some day time TV. 3pm i'll have a nap until around 4:30pm, then I'll watch the news and then start dinner for 6pm. I'm usually in bed by 9pm and will read until 10pm. What a life! Feeling very very slobby at the moment but I really am finding it difficult to do any real exercise. I would swim, but do you know how hard it is to get into your swimming costume and get your butt to the pool when it's cold out?? I've stopped my gym membership from 24th June til end august.

Right now I'm just Cherishing the feeling of my baby moving inside me. My nails and hair look fabulous cos of the hormones but the downside of the hormones is my skin has gone crazy and I've got a few more pimples than i would like. Imagine hormonal skin all the time, not just once a month. Trying not to wear too much makeup at the moment as my skin is sensitive too.

Ok that's all from me. Have a good Thursday everyone!!

LBG xx

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Rachel said...

Hello from the Boston MA area!!! I just finished reading your blog over the last two days.

A little about me.. I am 25 about 245lbs (I think thats about 110kg or there abouts for you!)and I am seriously considering the lap band surgery. I started working out and losing weight about a year ago and I have lost 70lbs but I have hit this horrible road block and nothing I do seems to be getting me under the 200lb mark.

Couple of questions for you...

Do you keep your lapband for your lifetime? If not do you feel your lap band has helped in training you to eat correct portions and correct foods?

Does it need to be replaced?

Could you maintain/lose if you had to have it out?

Sorry for lots of questions... I am just starting to look into this and your blog is amazing!