Thursday, June 10, 2010

37 weeks 4 days!

Good morning all!

Day 4 of maternity leave and I have nothing planned except to wash a whole heap of cute little baby clothes. My heart melts when I look at them, they just look so small but the scary thing is, is that my little boy kicking away inside me can FIT them now!!! *eeep!!!* So today just chillaxing at home... will watch some TV, have a nap in the afternoon and do some baking for DH's international day tomorrow. He's Canadian so I'm going to make this special slice that comes from Vancouver which I googled the other day. But have to pop over to the shops to pick up the ingredients now.

Thanks heaps to everyone for their comments. I had a couple of questions which I will try to answer:

Congrats on taking the first steps to get a lap band. It's the best thing I ever did (besides marrying my DH and falling pregnant of course). I'm not sure what advice you want from me, so perhaps if you could be more specific I will be able to impart my "words of wisdom" about my experiences with my band. But, GOOD LUCK! It is so worth it!!

I didn't have any fluid/fill removed during the pregnancy. Infact, I haven't had any fill removed for a year now.. since before I fell pregnant. Actually I was due for another fill at the beginning of November because my weight was getting harder to maintain... but then I found out I was pregnant at the end of October and my lapband doctor advised me to just "see how I went" and to come and see him if things turned south and I found that I couldn't eat because of increased restriction OR that I was eating too much and putting on too much weight during the pregnancy. I've been in touch with my fill doctor during the pregnancy, and my OB knows about the band too. I've gained 8kg (around 20lb??) and have continued to exercise throughout. I have to admit, now that the baby is quite big and I have no room left, I've felt major restriction in the last couple of months - which has helped my weight stabilise and I've gained 4lb (around 2kg) in the last 3 months. Also, another thing with me (and I don't know if this is the same for other pregnant bandits) is that my hormones have an effect on the tightness of my band, and I used to notice this when I had my period as well before I was pregnant. Both my fill doctor and my OB have been happy with my weight progress while pregnant and have been evaluating me closely, but have no cause for concern. I'm not going to look at getting any fill put in until I've figured out the whole breast feeding thing... so maybe 2-3 months after the baby is born I'll book an appointment to see my fill doctor and go from there.

So lap band remains the same - liquids in the morning, then slowly introducing small snacks throughout the day mainly because of my heartburn. Dinner is still the best meal of the day for me, so trying to get a good amount of veges and protein during that meal. I'm thinking of making a chicken and vegetable pie for dinner... Mmmmmmmmmm!

Getting very very excited about becoming a Mummy now... he can come anytime now... I've sent an eviction notice so hopefully he gets the message and makes an appearance a couple of weeks early.

Happy Thursday everyone!

LBG xx


ames said...

omg I seen my surgeon and I've booked it in for next month
I'm freaking out but more about the actual surgery I'm worried I have a hernia thing and I think because I'm a nurse it makes it worse I know what can go wrong and I've worked In theatres before .. Were u really worried before the op? Btw I'm so happy for you and hubby congrats on the bub


ames said...

O hey I also wanted to ask you about your port is there any problems with it stretching during pregnancy because of ur tummy???


Em said...

Eek! So close!