Wednesday, June 2, 2010

36 weeks 3 days

I have a 7lb 2oz baby in my belly with 3.5 weeks to go. It's going to be a 9lb'er or come early. I hope he comes early otherwise I'm in trouble!!!

Appetite has completely gone, nausea is back except that now I have monster reflux that just doesn't let up. Looking forward to getting my body back that's for sure. I've gained some weight now at 104.7kg but I'm feeling like I've been retaining alot more fluid recently which shows cos I can't wear my wedding rings any more.

Induction date has been set for 27th June. Doc won't let me go past 40 weeks so if anything I have a definite date and won't have this baby in July.

It's our 2 year anniversary on Sunday. Going out for lunch and a movie. And this Friday is my last day of work for 7 freaking months!!

It's all happening. There is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel. Can't believe it's gone so quick and yet so painfully slow. Can't wait to meet this little guy now. I'm totally ready :)

LBG xx


Yvonne said...

I know where your appetite went to - I think I found it as I seem to be eating a lot :-)

oh well not long to go - I'm 39 weeks today :-)

good luck

Bunny said...

aww hun I am so pleased for you. Enjoy putting your feet up for a few days before you dont stop for 20 years!! :)))

Melanie said...

Hope it all goes well - hate that pregnancy reflux and fluid retention but it will be over soon.
Takke care and have a happy anniversary. Mel

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever mention having trouble with plateaus after having the lapband? My surgery was 2 yrs ago and for the last yr I've been plateaud and not losing. I'm getting very frustrated. Considering Atkins diet, but have trouble with all the meat/salt/fats. Any suggestions? Helen in MO.

Nola said...