Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Alive!

Hello fellow bandits!
OMG motherhood is the craziest ride, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My little monkey man is nearly 6 weeks old (would you believe it?). I'm really starting to get antsy about going back to the gym, walking around is just SO BORING! And I love my me time when I go to the gym, so hubby has said he'll watch the baby while I go in the evenings .... but I really like going in the mornings. Gym membership starts up again at the end of August, so I'm going to wait until then and then I'm back at it with VENGENCE!
I've realised that I like food, and I like eating... so the only way to ensure that I lose weight is to tack on some hard core exercise ... like spin classes etc into the mix to ensure I can still eat what I want and lose weight. See, I can eat what I want, bandit portions, but it's the exercise that really kicks the weight loss into gear and at the moment I'm not motivated to take the baby out in the stroller or the carrier especially when it's cold and rainy out. I only walked once this week, cos the rest of the week the weather was shite... not a good excuse I know, but I don't want the baby to come down with a cold because I took him out in the wet weather (I'm a good mummy I know! :))
So, what now? I haven't weighed since Monday, but I was 94.8kg so just maintaining at the moment. I'm really trying to cook meals from scratch and eat "natural" foods... for eg, making a guacamole dip from scratch - avocados, tomatos, onion, sour cream, lemon juice, salt pepper... rather than buying the dip from the supermarket premade. I've been roasting chicken with loads of herbs and spices (so freaking delicious!), making salads with homemade dressings, salad wraps with loads of goodies packed... but I know I can eat too much at the moment and really need a fill. BUT, I am breastfeeding so I know I should be eating slightly more... I'm eating loads of good healthy stuff, no doubt there, but just too much...
... and tim tams... I'm eating too many tim tams :(

Here's another pic of my monkey man!

LBG xx

Friday, July 23, 2010

My baby is 1 month old already!!

...time sure does fly! Can't believe he's 1 month old already. Despite the 1am and 4am feedings, poopie nappies and projectile pee I fee so blessed to have this little guy in my life. :)

I dismally failed at my goals for this week. Only exercised twice this week, had fruit maybe once but I have been sticking to my bandit sized portions. I don't enjoy walking. I enjoy the gym and I can't wait to get back to my spin, step and pump classes again. 1 month to go until I can start back at the gym!!
Weigh-in on Monday was 94.1kg.

Just a short post today, monkey man is starting to wake up so it's time for a feed!

LBG xx

Friday, July 16, 2010

It was good while it lasted...

... the free weight loss ride is well and truely over!

Weighed in on Monday at 93.4kg. Weighed in today at 93.6kg. That's a loss of 12.4kg since I gave birth. Not bad in 3 weeks. But my weight loss has stopped.. and I haven't stopped eating crap.. so now it's time I pull in the reigns and get my head in the right space for weigh loss and healthy eating. I also need to start walking. I have been meaning to get out once a day with Master L but it's been so cold and I've been quite busy with relatives coming and visiting every freaking day. They've left now so back to some sort of routine.

I have been LOVING sushi though and have had it 3 times this week. SO GOOD!

I still have quite good restriction and don't really need to go back and see the fill doctor at this point in time. So I'm going to wait another couple of months and see how I go. I'm still getting evening heartburn but it's nowhere near as bad as it was when I was pregnant. I've halved my heartburn medication and only taking it before bed so I'm happy with that.

So the plan for next week:

Have breakfast every day - easier said than done when you've got a baby feeding on demand every 2-3 hours. I try and get a shower in there as well and clean the apartment, do some laundry and catch up on e-mails and stuff... but I will have breakky every day, promise!

Have 2 pieces of fruit every day. I have been SO SLACK in the fruit department. I've got some mandarins and strawberries in the fridge, but being winter I don't really feel like fruit at the moment. Gotta change that attitude.

Bandit sized portions - enough said on that one.

30-1 hour walk every day - again, difficult with a baby but do-able, either in the pram or the baby carrier.

Going to have to leave it there as I can hear munchin start to wake and should go and feed him now.

LBG xx

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I would sell my first born son for a solid 8 hours sleep...

... Just kidding!!

But seriously, I would kill for sleep that lasted longer than 2 hours.. I know I was complaining about getting up 5 times a night to pee, but I would take that over 2 hours sleep, 1 hour feeds, 2 hours sleep 1 hour feeds any day!! Ok, whinge over!

Sneaky jump on the scales today and I'm 93.2kg. Woo-freaking-hoo! I have yet to try on my pre-preggo jeans, they're in a box somewhere and DH has to get it down from the closet for me... It would be so cool if I could breastfeed my way to my goal weight! I think I'll probably have to start exercising to make that happen though... Breastfeeding will only do so much!

I am hardly eating at the moment. Probably 1 full meal (bandit sized full meal!) a day and that's usually dinner because my DH is home and he can take over the babysitting. Sometimes I manage a weight watchers meal in the middle of the day, but usually I get halfway through it and my boobie monster is up for a feed so it ends up going cold and bleh...

I'm snacking on cow cheese, nuts, rice crackers and corn chips. Very healthy I know... but so much easier for me to grab than to make a sandwich or a salad when you've got a second person attached to you and using up all your arms and hands (usually used for making said sandwich or salad!). I am drinking plenty of water though....

Tracey - I only had the head of 2 spears of asparagus so maybe that wasn't enough to cause any problems cos I didn't notice a change in my LO feeding habits. But I will keep that in mind for next time I feel like asparagus. I heard that we shouldn't be having things like onion, cabbage, broccolli and chocolate as well cos it can cause gas in the baby when feeding?

OK, enough from me for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

LBG xx

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Weekly Weigh-in

I'm going to start my weekly weigh-in again and make myself more accountable again... It's been easy to hide my weight through the pregnancy cos it was OK to gain weight. But now thats all over with, my focus is on healthy eating and exercise.

Today I weighed in at 95.5kg. That's a 10.5kg loss in 12 days since giving birth. COOL. I'm sure this won't last though. I will get on at some point this week and update my actual stats on the side of my blog as they are heaps old!

I'm off to make chicken patties before Master L wakes up for a feed. Tonight we're having chicken patties with grilled asparagus and zucchini for dinner. YUM!

LBG xx

Friday, July 2, 2010

Almost human again...

We've been back home for 5 days now and I have to say, it's amazing what a few hours of uninterrupted sleep can do for you. Granted, the sleeping tends to be done in the middle of the day, it's still soooooooo good to not have people come in and interrupt you, weird noises and other things that happen in hospital.

DS seems to like to sleep mostly during the day, so I try to have a good 2-3 hour sleep in the afternoon. Then feed him around 4-5pm, make dinner and chillax with DH until DS wakes for a feed at 8-9pm. Then I go to bed and feed DS around 11pm, 2am and 5am. DS is sleeping well during the day... I have to wake him for feeds and so I'm trying to get his night/day sleep cycles sorted cos they are backwards at the moment.

On the weight loss front... I'm down to 97.1kg... that's a loss of 8.9kg!! Yes, I am thrilled. I feel really soft and squidgy at the moment so I'm sure that my clothes don't fit exactly right. But that's OK cos I'm still wearing my maternity pants. They are ALOT looser though. My boobs are HUGE at the moment. I am breastfeeding exclusively and have gone up a couple of cup sizes... having huge boobs does have it's upside... they make my waist look smaller! hehe

I'm really not trying at all with my diet. Still have restriction, but not watching the calories at all. Just making sure I am drinking heaps of water. I am also going to try and get out for walks in the morning, just waiting for some more healing downstairs... it's also so friggen COLD right now!

And just as I give birth to my Baby, I have to send out a big congratulations to EM who has just found out she is pregnant (and also has a lapband!). YAY EM!!! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!

Thanks for reading!

And here is a photo of my precious little angel:

LBG xx