Wednesday, April 28, 2010

31 weeks 3 days

Hi all!

Just sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Brisbane so thought I might blog to you all. Have done 1 week of blood sugar level (BSL) monitoring and have been pretty much spot on with my levels except for 2 readings over 7.0mmol. Getting used to pricking my finger to get some blood. It hurts, every time.. I just have to keep doing this for another 60 days or 240 times! *LOL* I call it the Big Baby Test, because if I get a high reading then I could have a big baby! Mates at work have been really supportive. When I have to test my BSL they have a comp to see who can guess the closest to the actual number!!

I'm feeling quite fat at the moment, out of breath and tired. All normal preggo symptoms. Only 5 weeks 2 days until I finish work which I can't wait for. I can't even imaging how I'm going to feel at 37 or 38 weeks!!

Weight is going up again. Now 103.9kg. Baby is gaining around 150g/week now.

Ok well thanks for reading :) have a good rest of your day!

LBG xx

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Yvonne said...

I can tell you how you will feel at 34 weeks and that is like a big watermelon is using your bladder as a trampoline (well at least that is what I feel hehehe).

I can't believe how close to the end we both are - where did the time go. I really need to go out and get some flanelette boy cot sheets before Mr Lucas arrives.