Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fill #3 done!

I've now got 8.5mL in my 10mL band, and I can definitely feel the difference. It wasn't as tight as I thought it was going to be, but I'm gurgling again when I drink and it's taking me aaages to drink anything so something must of happened! On my doctors scales I was 105.2kg (and that's with clothes on during the middle of the day). I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was 106.2kg (without clothes), and today I'm down to 105.4kg - WooHoo! 800g down from yesterday! Yay! Also makes me think that my scales are weighing a bit heavier than the doctors scales, so technically I could be as low as 104kg (on the dr's scales). Also, I'm coming up to TTOM, where I always carry a bit of extra fluid so take another kg off that and I could be as low as 103.something... Still, I'm going by my scales at home (which I visit way too often!), and so if I'm 105.4kg, then that's what I am. :)

My doctor wasn't very happy that I'd only dropped a measily 200g since my last visit with him. He wanted to know EVERYTHING that I ate... so I told him... he said that he wants me to be able to eat only HALF a LC meal and be full... at the moment I'm eating a full one with room to spare. He also said that I was to come back in a week or so if I wasn't getting much restriction for yet another fill *eek*.

So all is well for the moment, my restriction is good again and hopefully it will stay there rather than disappearing like it did last week.

Much love,

LBG xx

P.S Thanks Libby and Kylie for your words of encouragement. Good luck with your fill Libby! Let me know how you get on with "learning to eat" again :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

thanks for the well wishes for my op. All went well & I just got home a few hours ago. I'm a bit tender - to be expected - & had a bit of a problem with nausea, but otherwise doing fine.

Am looking forward to my new life!
You keep going there too, you are so close to cracking the 100 kg mark!
Cheering you on from soggy NZ,

Bunny said...

Hi Erika,
I am so interested in your story, as you have quite a lot in your band now. I really hope the restriction keeps up. I think its so wierd that over here we have to wait 6 weeks before they will fill again. I have no idea why, but thats the way they do it, so I am really excited to see how your band story is going. I know we can all do it. Remember that it doesnt matter so much what the scales say as we are still all adjusting to a new way of life. This time next year, we wont recognise oursleves though!
I'll keep on reading!
All the best