Friday, March 9, 2007

Restriction! Glorious Restriction!

The fill yesterday was nothing less than Fanshmabulous! I'll start from the beginning so you get an idea of what goes on.

I got to the hospital and went straight to the "band clinic" where I had some paperwork filled out. I had my wristband given to me and I was taken into a "waiting room" where there were 3 other lovely ladies all getting a fill too. We sat and chatted as each one of us was "called up". While we were waiting we all had our BPs measured. Mine was unusually high and even though I wasn't nervous, I must have been a little anxious. I got weighed - down 600g from my previous recorded weight, put some theatre "shoes" on and waited until my name was called. I was brought into a room that had an x-ray machine. I was greeted by my fantastic doctor and a nurse. My doctor asked me questions about how much I was currently eating. I think he was asking to assess how much fill I needed. After that, I was told to lie on the bed while they took an x-ray to find the port. Coolest thing was, that the x-ray showed my actual BAND too! So I could see that it was perfectly positioned and hadn't slipped like I'd been stressing over previously *lol*. So while my doctor was distracting me, he slipped a local anaesthetic in and it all went numb. Then he poked a massive needle in me with some saline. Really really weird feeling, and I actually felt the *pop* of the needle going into the port. He filled the band, and then took some out to make sure that the line hadn't kinked. He said that everything was fine and that the fill went perfectly. He took the needle out, bandaided me up and sent me back to the waiting room. I was made to drink 2 small cups of water - probably around 400mL before I was allowed to leave. It felt different when I drunk the water. I could feel the water "sitting" in my throat and oesophagus before "draining" through. No other way to describe it.

Now the restriction has begun. I was on fluids for the rest of the day, it took me 1.5 hours to drink a mug of strawberry milk!!! I've been conscious of my water intake as well so I've bought a bottle of water to work today.

I've had an up and go and a coffee today and I am feeling pleasantly full! It's great!

Next fill is only a week away, I'm sure that will be different still! I've got dinner plans tonight, so that will be interesting to see how I'll cope!

Enough from me, enjoy your weekend everyone! Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

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Anonymous said...

Wow. My surgeon does the fills in his room with no X-ray or ultrasound and no anaesthetic