Thursday, March 22, 2007

Need Another Fill

Over the past couple of days I've been getting hungry on the portions I've been eating. Yesterday for dinner I had a rissole, 2 tbsp steamed veges and 1/2 cup pasta and I probably could have eaten more afterwards (which I did - 2 scoops ice cream). I was also extremely hungry during the day - I even had 2 slices of toast for afternoon tea that didn't even touch the sides! Which brings me to the conclusion that after my 2nd fill last week, my stomach became a bit irritated from the band inflating and became a little swollen. Over the past week, the swelling has gone down and the fill that is in the band isn't quite enough to provide the restriction that I need - so bring on Fill Number 3!!! I've also noticed that I am able to drink bigger gulps of liquids and don't feel the same gurgling effect that I felt last week. I don't think that my band is leaking because I still feel *some* restriction - but it's definitely less than last week!

Have a good day!

LBG xx

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