Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank God it's Friday!

WooHoo! I always love Fridays. End of the week, beginning of the weekend with no work. Yay! Not much to report with the band. My portion sizes have gone up. I had a piece of fish, cup of pasta and 2 tbsp veges last night for dinner, which is too much... so looking forward to next Wednesday - Fill #3 day! My weight is also stabilized now, which I'm a bit peeved about... especially cos I've been exercising my butt off too. Oh well.

Catching up with a fellow bandit tonight. We're going to share a take away *lol*

Have a great weekend everyone!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Hey Erica,

Good luck with the 3rd fill next week. I'm off to have my 3rd fill this arvo and can't wait. I didnt really notice much restriction with my 2nd fill (though I certainly learned how painful it is to eat too quickly!). So I'm hoping that this fill kicks me into gear!

You sound like you're doing really well. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Yes all the best with fill number 3. Hope it hits the "sweet spot" I keep hearing about.

Am getting banded on Wednesday *gulp* so will be checking back to compare "milestones" :-)


Heidi (prindy) said...

Hi LBG!!!

I had to laugh at your PB post. i am yet to look forward to those!! At least I have some kind of an idea what to watch out for!! LOL

i am slowly recovering after my banding. Still feeling sore and sorry for myself!! LOL!!

Keep up the great work!!