Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First Fill Tomorrow!!!

Got my fill date rebooked for tomorrow at 12:15pm. Thank god! I don't think I could have gone a whole other week without going for a fill. I was majorly disappointed on Monday, that combined with baring my soul at the psychologist session and coming up to TTOM I was very emotional and not a happy chappy. But now that I've managed to re-book and know that it's definite *touch wood* I am happier again! :)

My exercise is also getting alot better. I'm completely back to normal now. This week I've done:

Monday 5/3: Aqua Aerobics Class (45 mins)
Tuesday 6/3: Spin Class (45 mins) Upper body Weights (30 mins)
Wednesday 7/3: Spin Class (45 mins) Pilates Class (1 hour)
Thursday 8/3: Rest Day
Friday 9/3: Cardio (30 mins) Upper body weights (30 mins)
Saturday 10/3: Spin Class
Sunday 11/3: Cardio (30 mins) Upper body weights (30 mins)


Ok, will post tomorrow when I've had my first fill! Wish me luck! :)

LBG xx

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