Monday, March 26, 2007

Not much to report today!

Had a fairly non-eventful weekend. Went to see a fellow banster for dinner on Friday night. We shared a couple of indian take away dishes, it was funny listening to her Gurgle... because now I know what I sound like to other people when I gurgle! Saturday and Sunday were relaxing, no problems with PB'ing except for a small episode with a ham and salad wrap where I ate too fast and burped up some lettuce... Yumm Yumm!

Looking forward to my next fill on Wednesday. Will report back when it's been done and let you know how I'm going. I put on 800g this week, not happy!

Big Hooray for Cate who is getting banded on Wednesday as well! Thanks for reading my blog and GOOD LUCK for the big day - let me know how you do! :)

LBG xx

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Heidi (prindy) said...

Hi Erika,

Am so looking forwards to my first fill. I can;t wait to get it all happening and start to lose the weight. I know until my first feel that I probably won't lose any.

Bugger you put on 800gms!! It's disheartening when you work hard to only put weight on!!

Good luck with your next fill :))