Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Expecting too much?

Here is hoping that this fill is "third time lucky" for me as I am definitely eating more than I did last week. Just to give you an idea, last night for dinner I had:

1 chicken crumbed thing (about a cup size worth) - had chicken mournay surrounded by mashed potato and crumbed - quite tasty!
2 baby potatos
3 tbsp greens
2 scoops of ice cream (eaten about an hour later)

Was quite full after the meal, but I noticed that the feeling of fullness didn't stay around for very long. I also didn't get any feelings of food being "stuck" even though I was taking quite big bites and I can take tablets whole again - a sure sign that I am due for a fill!

On the one hand I'm looking forward to my fill, but on the other, I'm dreading going as I have to be weighed and I know my doctor is going to be soooooooo disappointed in me for not losing any more weight ... :\ I've only lost 3kg since the operation... which is pretty pathetic really. I was expecting more from myself, expecting more from the band. Perhaps I was expecting too much??

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Hey LBG,

Sorry to hear that you haven't lost much weight. Hopefully this fill does the trick for you!


Libby said...


I know how dissapointed you must be, but hang in there. Keep going back to see your surgeon and keep in contact with other bandsters. I wish I had of done this.

I am having my first fill on Friday. I am a little scared (not at the fill itself - that's fine) but at the changes that will be necessary in my diet. I am used to eating huge amounts of food and foods that I know will not be able to be eaten with my band tightened. I guess I need to focus on the need to be at a healthy weight and see all the positives that brings rather than the sacrifices I will have to make.

Will keep you posted, Libby.