Monday, April 2, 2007


I have had the most terrible weekend with my band. I'm not sure why there was a delayed reaction but I didn't feel overfilled until Friday, nearly 2 days since I'd had the band filled to 8.5mL.

It all started on Friday morning. I was out and about early heading off to the airport for a weekend get away. I bought myself a hungry jacks mcmuffin and hashbrown. Ate 1 bite and that was it, I had the urge to PB, which I did... several times. I started to panic because I was due to get on a flight within the hour. I spent most of the time in the bathroom, and when I was sure that I was feeling a little better, I ventured out to catch my flight. The whole flight I was PB'ing into a water bottle. Luckily I was at a window seat, so I could turn my head and no-one would see me. It hurt to swallow my own saliva. At this point I was getting worried, because if this continued there was a good chance I could end up in Emergency in a different place! Walking around helped, so when i got off the plane I walked around as much as I could before I collected my bags. The cab ride was long, because I was feeling ill.. thank goodness the Cab driver didn't want to chat! I was in no mood. I checked in to my room and went up and lay down for a good 3 hours. I think that helped also, because it took some pressure off the stoma hole. I felt alot better after I woke up and tried drinking a little then. It was painful, but at least I wasn't PB'ing.. which was a start! At least I wouldn't get dehydrated to the point where I had to be hospitalised. I figured if I could at least get down my liquids I'd be ok! Dinner was interesting. we went out for a meal - I chose the soup. Had 3 teaspoons full over the space of an hour and that was it! People were commenting on why I wasn't eating my dinner, with everyone else tucking into delicious salads, fish, chicken etc... I told them that I'd had a big lunch and wasn't very hungry!
Saturday I managed to get down a whole glass of berocca for breakfast which relieved me a bit cos at least I could get down liquids now, for lunch I had a scoop of icecream which took me absolutely ages to eat. Saturday night was a buffet dinner. I paid $40 to have half a plate of food and some soup, but at least I could eat again!!!

Sunday I stuck with an up and go for breakfast, was safe with that and could get it down with not much difficulty. I had a piece of sushi that didn't find it's way to the toilet bowl and at 3pm I had another piece of sushi. Dinner was a few maccas chips and some McChicken pattie - no bread!

Today I'm doing heaps better. My sweet friend Kat came round to work and bought me band-friendly mashed potato and rice for lunch and my liquids are going down alot easier now. So I think I'm doing heaps better than before. I can't do bread, but I can do potato and rice... tiny tiny amounts though. not sure about pasta - might give that a go tomorrow for lunch.

But do you want to know what topped off my weekend? I got on the scales thinking that I'd lost a couple of kilos for sure, and I was exactly the same as what I was on Friday... What the..? *argh* What is it going to take for me to lose this friggen weight??? :)

All the best,

LBG xx

P.S. A big Hooray to Cate who has finally joined the Lapband Club! Well done matey, glad to hear you're doing ok! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well wishes Erika, but I'm horrified to hear of your weekend! I do hope that you are feeling much better & must admit that it is making me very nervous about the prospect of having fills!

As for me, I'm still a bit tender & tired but doing ok despite needing some antibiotics. Am very sick of liquids already, and am only day 5 post op!

Take care!

Heidi (prindy) said...

Oh no you poor thing!! What a terrible start to your holiday!!! Am so glad you are feeling better now!! i have my first fill on the 24th and I don't know if I am looking forwards to it or not!! LOL!!