Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How to describe a PB?

Bunny asked me to describe a PB (productive burp) which I can also describe as something getting stuck in the small opening at the bottom of my stomach pouch which my lap band has created. I'm not sure how big my opening is, but at the moment, I'm having to cut tablets up into 1/4 size to take, approx 5mm, so if that is any indication??? I am definitely relearning how to eat. I eat on a bread and butter plate with a teaspoon, if I eat anything bigger than my thumb nail, then I sometimes get a little uncomfortableness as it goes down. It's all a big learning curve... but I am loving the amount that I'm no eating, I still amaze myself every day!! But I digress...

For me, when something gets stuck and isn't moving through the band it's like a really deep pain just to the left of the middle of my boobs, but the feeling radiates throughout my oesophagus and into my throat. When the food passes through, I get instant relief, just like it never happened. But, when my band decides that the piece of food isn't going to go through, the pain will get more intense and radiate up my throat. It's not pain exactly, mostly uncomfortable. I can't talk, my eyes start to water and I produce more saliva which I can't physically swallow. The only solution for me is to try and get out whatever is stuck. Sometimes I'll just reject it automatically... through a quick PB, and a couple of times I've had to stick my fingers down my throat to help it along. Not nice I know, but the relief you get afterwards is fantastic!

I'm not sure if I've explained myself well. I must admit that I have read what a PB is supposed to feel like, and no-one did it justice... but let me tell you, you'll know when it happens!!!

As for my PB incident on Saturday, Cate asked me if it was possibly the McMuffin that could of started it off. I actually felt fine eating the McMuffin. I don't think I've got a problem with bread... I think it's the pasta that I had for lunch - it was really gluggy cos it was the tortellini with the filling and that's when the fun and games started. I think I'm good with bread, but I think that pasta isn't so good for me. With the cheeseburger in the afternoon, I think that because I'd had such a time with the pasta at lunch, my stomach had swollen a bit and wasn't letting anything through!

Thanks for reading everyone!

LBG xx

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Bunny said...

Hiya Erika, Cheers for explaining that. I dont think I have had anythign trapped yet then. Thank goodness!! I can really imagine what PB'ing is like now to be honest, and I think you described it really well. Its gross, but it really is good to know exactly.
I am now a little worried that they forgot to put a band in me!! LOL. I seem able to eat everything, not a lot, but everything and i havent had problems yet. But its probably because there is not so much restriction after just one fill.
Can i ask, is it usual for you guys in your country to get fills at such close intervals? We have to wait ages for ours, and thats not the national health, that is private too... so just wondering.
Ho Hum, have a cool day