Wednesday, January 31, 2007

37 hours to go!!!

Ok, so today I've started to freak out a little more. It's becoming a little more real to me and what I'm about to go through. *deep breaths* I think I'm freaking out more about the surgery itself than anything else. Maybe I shouldn't have watched that real lap band operation on YouTube yesterday... it kinda freaked me out.. all that blood, and burning of flesh and stitching.. how can you not be in pain after that!!

I guess also I'm nervous about what will happen after the surgery, my diet will change, I know that.. but will I do enough to make the lap band work for me? Or will this be yet another failure on my part to control my weight.. yet again!! If this doesn't do it, nothing will.

I'm hoping to post one last time before the surgery, but I have a busy day tomorrow and not sure if I can get online before I go under the knife!! *eek* This is getting all too real.

So if I don't get to post before the big day, wish me luck! I will post as soon as I can after the surgery to tell you all about my experience in hospital and the first few hours afterwards.

... 2 sleeps to go!!!! Holy CRAP!

LBG xx

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