Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Preparations

For my, my preparations for having the surgery and beyond have been quite psychological. Part of me is really excited for the future and the expected weight loss, and part of me is apprehensive about what the next few months holds. Not only that, I have to start thinking about what foods to have on hand during the OptiFast stage, liquid diet, puree diet (or "mushies" as some other bandits call it), soft food and then normal diet again.

So, further update on the preparations:
13th January 2007 - Full Blood count done (I have to be fasted for 10 hours prior), I also have to have an ECG done also!
17th January 2007 - Upper Abdominal Ultrasound and Barium Meal to be done to look for gall stones and any problems with reflux. Again, I need to be fasted for 8 hours, ultrasound is at 9am and Barium Swallow at 9:30am
19th January 2007 - Appointment with Dr R regarding the surgery.
20th January 2007 - Start "Liver Shrinking Diet" Optifast
2nd February 2007 - SURGERY!!

I'm starting to think of some questions that I think I need to ask him about the surgery and anaesthetic. I'm going to start a list and if I think of any, I'll write them down here:

So far, my questions are:
1. What is "shoulder tip" pain? Why do you get it?
2. What number am I on the operating list (I'd definitely prefer to be sooner rather than later!!!)
3. Will coughing affect the band placement?
4. Are movements restricted (i.e. back arches - for physiotherapy)?
5. What happens if I feel like vomiting/am nauseous while at home?
6. What is the best sleeping position?

Ok, that's all for now... 22 days to go!!!


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