Tuesday, January 9, 2007

2nd February 2007!!!

Holy Crap. I've just set a date for my Lap Band Surgery! 2nd February 2007 - And it's in less than 4 weeks time!!! *eek* I went to see Dr T, the assistant surgeon today for my first initial consultation. He took my medical history, did a quick medical exam (listened to my breathing, my heart, felt my abdomen), we discussed the surgery (it's pros and it's cons), talked about the actual lap band, where it would be positioned, how the surgery would be performed and then the after care and visits to the dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist and getting a "fill".

I have been asked to have some blood taken for analysis and also an ultrasound and x-ray to check for gall stones. I also have to have a barium meal done through x-ray to check what my swallowing is like and if I have any hernias.

I have been told I need to go onto OPTIFAST 2 weeks before the surgery to shrink my liver (I didn't know it was swollen!) Apparently most obese people have enlarged fatty livers.

Other than that, the doctor said that I was a great candidate for the surgery, I was otherwise healthy with minimal complications!! This is too too exciting!

Ok, must go... will check in soon!

LPG xx

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