Monday, January 15, 2007

Shopping Trip.. and taking blood

This weekend I went to pharmacy direct to pick up some optifast sachets to start on this weekend *eek* and to see what else I might need for the optifast stage and past the operation stage. The optifast was cheaper at pharmacy direct by about $10 per box. I paid $39.95 per box, usually they can be $50-$55 per box, so a pretty good saving there. I also picked up some Benefibre for any constipation and some DeGas in case I can't burp!!

I also had the pleasure of having blood taken for my operation. I was asked by the lap band doc to have all my bloods done. So you know when you go and have a blood test they fill up some tubes? I had 7 tubes filled with blood for all the different tests!!! Not only that, but my vein decided to stop working halfway through, and so after the venepuncturist had finished digging her needle in my arm to try and find my blood flow again, I politely suggested that she try the other arm... (cos what she was doing was causing me a little pain... *duh*!!). So after acting like Miss Pincushion 2007 I finally had 7 tubes of blood out of me. *phew* I then had a quick ECG test done.... all the results should be with my doctor by the time I have my surgeons appointment this Friday 19th January!!

2 days to go until I have my ultrasound and barium study done, 4 days until the surgeons appointment... and then it's optifast fun until my surgery!!

On Friday 19th Jan my fiancee and I are going to go out for "my final meal"... one last HOORAH before the start of my new (skinnier) life. I was reading on the Yahoo Health Lapband message boards the amazing amounts of weight that people have lost over their first 5-10 weeks. 10kg, 18kg, 24kg... WOW!! If I lose around the average that these other bandits are losing I'll be in the 90's by MARCH!!! WooHoo!!

18 sleeps to go!

LBG xxx

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