Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gall Stones and Chalky Poo

Today I had my upper abdominal ultrasound and barium meal swallow done. So had to change into a blue gown and lie on a table while I was poked and prodded with the ultrasound machine. Funny thing was, that I wasn't that uncomfortable pulling up my shirt and having someone touch my stomach. It was actually quite a painful procedure, and I'm quite tender on both my sides, and I'll probably end up with a bit of a bruise.

Next was the barium meal - friggen GROSS. They first of all made me shot two different types of liquids that when combined fizzed to produce gas in my stomach. I was told not to burp. It was hard!!! Then I was told to drink this chalky thick liquid that tasted so gross I felt like I was going to vomit. It didn't go through my system too well either.. I'm still feeling the effects of this barium test! (Chalky Poo!!!)

Anyway, next step is a visit with the surgeon on Friday. I've got heaps of quesetions to ask, so will be looking forward to that. I'll also be taking my fiancee with me so that he has an idea of what will be happening and what I will be going through. Will let you know how the Dr's appointment goes.

16 sleeps to go!!!

LBG xx

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