Monday, January 29, 2007

The countdown begins!

First of all, Thanks to Jane for leaving my first ever comment!! Someone else is actually reading this thing... amazing!!

This weekend was pretty nice, although not so optifast friendly. I managed to get through Friday without too much drama.. although it was tough smelling all those delish Australia Day BBQs fired up around the neighbourhood. Saturday morning I weighed in after 1 week on Optifast to report a nice loss of 2.3kg. Off to a good start. I just hope I can maintain this until Friday. However, the fact that I lost so much weight kinda gave my brain licence to eat, so I've pretty much been on a bender ever since. I have been having my Optifast in the mornings (made a delish mango vanilla shake with loads of ice yesterday.. so thick I had to eat it with a spoon!! YUM!) but then it goes down hill for there. I've been very social too, with lunches and dinners and get togethers this weekend. Back to it today!

On another note.. I got back some photos from a recent party I went to... I looked so fat. Why isn't my fat brain working? I thought I looked great.... but I looked like a marshmallow!!! Another reason for me getting this band.

... 4 sleeps to go!!! Not long now!

LBG xx

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