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I have decided to write this blog on getting and having a lap band, to help others who are in a similar situation who want to know more about the "real life" aspects of having surgery to treat their obesity. I am not doing this on behalf of any company and I am not being paid to keep this blog going. I've just found that during my research into weight loss surgery, there aren't many "real life" stories about living with a lap band. I really hope this helps people considering this treatment option make the decision that is right for them.

My privacy is very important to me, so I will not be revealing any personal information of who I am, where I live or information about my friends and family. Only 3 people know that I am getting a lap band - my fiancee and 2 close girlfriends, one of which has already had the lapband done!

Tomorrow I am going for my first appointment to visit the surgeon who will be performing my surgery. This is my first visit to the clinic and I am very much looking forward to discussing the lap band procedure and asking loads of questions.

Just a little about myself:
I'm in my mid 20's, I'm 5'7 and approx 106kg. I'm not sure exactly how much I weigh, the last time I weighed was just before christmas at 104.7kg. I've tried so many different diets, and I have failed at most of them. I say most, because I have been on diets where I have lost weight, only to put it back on when I stopped - so the diet did work... I was the problem!!

It's funny, because I don't consider myself "morbidly obese" but that's where my BMI is. I don't have a problem with fitting into Airplane seats, I fit into booths at resteraunts, and I wear a size 18 very comfortably. I am not unhappy with my life either - I have a wonderful man who I am going to marry, I have a great job and some fantastic friends and I work out regularly. My problem is, is that I LOVE food and I love to eat and I eat BIG. Dieting and my weight loss is All consuming - I mean, we have to eat to live, so it's not like I can try to quit cold turkey like I did with smoking. Infact, giving up smoking has been a walk in the park compared to weight loss let me tell you!

At first, I thought that getting a lap band would be my "last resort", and to me was not an option. Surely there were other things I could try that would work. But to be honest, I don't want to be 5, 10 15 years older and still be obese and have diabetes, heart problems, problems having children etc. To me, having a lapband is the missing piece of the puzzle and will only enhance my weight loss already. I have, on my own lost 16kg this past year, my fitness has improved, my education on good nutrition has increased and I am mentally in a really good position to go forward with the surgery. Not only that, I don't have any kids, no major responsibilities to deal with - this is the best time for me to have this done.

Ok, enough for today. Tomorrow is the first consult so I report back and blog what I've found out! I may even be lucky enough to set a date for the operation if all goes well!


LBG (LapBandGirl)

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Bel said...


I have just found your blog and am currently considering lap band surgery.

I can see already from your pics that you have done well. I look forward to reading your story.