Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting my head around it all

Last night I had a big think about what I was going to embark on. What I am most nervous about is probably the actual surgery and what happens before, during and after. I'm a medical person, and I understand more than the average person.. and that probably doesn't help much!!I'm worried about the pain, I'm worried about the anaesthetic.. what it will feel like to go under, what it will feel like afterwards, how long it will take me to feel "good" again. I wonder what it will be like to totally change my eating forever, how I will cope through the various stages of the diet.

I have only told 3 people that I am having this surgery. Other people think I am having my gall bladder removed and thats why I need the surgery. I don't like being secretive, but I know there is a lot of negativity associated with the surgery and lap band and quite frankly, I don't need that!!! I also don't want people to think that I am "taking the easy way out".

Ok, so my plans for the next few weeks leading up to the surgery:

Between now and 19th January I need to have my Ultrasound done and bloods taken, I will book that in, in the next couple of days.
19th January 2007: Visit with the surgeon to explain more about the surgery, give me details about the times and where to be for the operation etc and answer any questions I might have
20th January 2007: Start OptiFast! (someone called it Opti-Gross... sounds appealing!)
2nd February 2007: Operation (not sure what time I will be operated on - will find that out!)
3rd February 2007: Return home after o/n stay in the hospital - have taken a full week off work - returning 12th February!

23 days to go!!!

Will post soon!

LBG xx

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