Friday, September 26, 2008


Nothing much to report at the moment. It's been pretty quiet on the lap band front. All is well with the restriction - confusing at times. Sometimes I can eat heaps, other times I'm just as restricted. Like last night I had Rice Noodles and was only able to eat around half a cup, where as yesterday afternoon I was starving and searching for food cos I couldn't get full! Weird!

Went shopping yesterday evening. I wanted to get some sucking-in underwear cos I'm getting "floppy" in my mid-drift area and want to "tighten" up the whole look. I have one pair, but need more at the moment and they're on special at Target at the moment. Ended up trying on some tops and pants in Size 14's. The tops fit perfectly, and they looked great, and flattering. The pants were a little tight around the waist hips (muffin top and camel toe action happening... not pretty) ... so I think I'm half way between a 16/14 in bottoms and a 14 in tops... which is still pretty cool!

I didn't end up buying anything cos I didn't have the money... but it was nice to try on some "normal" sized stuff. Heart was still racing a little as I was slipping on the clothes, but they fit!

Just maintaining my weight at the moment, which is a little frustrating. I'm 86kg and stable. Due for TTOM next week, so that could be a reason why my weight hasn't changed. I was at the gym 4 times this week, and going tomorrow morning as well... food intake has been so so... I've had a few temptations this week which I just haven't been able to look past - namely the cream filled biscuits in the tin at work - thank goodness only the plain ones are left now!!! Water intake has been good - I've found a great Diet Rite Cordial in Peach iced tea flavour. I love iced tea and now I can have it in a cordial with no calories! Sweet!

Looking forward to seeing my wonderful fill doctor next month to get re-filled again. I miss the restriction and the control that the band gave me... even after 1.5 years, I'm still not there yet!

Have a great Friday!

LBG xx


Cat McKenzie said...

You might not be "there" yet (wherever there is) but you're still doing so well. Five times at gym in a week is fantastic.

I hate that my level of restriction can change even in a day. I'm finding mine is all over the place too at the moment. Ah, for consistency!

I might have to look out for the Diet Rite cordials. I'm really struggling with drinking just plain water.


Bridget said...

Haven't read anyones blogs in awhile cause not net... caught up on your goings on...
Congrats on size 14!!! Thats brilliant! So happy for you! Hopefully I will be there soon!
Well done on food choices. I really admire what you are doing. I'm thinking of stealing your ideas and eating a bit better. I am feeling like I need to get more veggies.
Well done with exercise as usual. After a week off I am getting back into it tomorrow after work.

Diz said...

No need to spend money you don't have. Besides, it's the feeling of wearing clothes that you couldn't before...right? It must feel great to turn in the mirror and enjoy the sight of the great looking tops. You Go Girl!

fatgirlslim said...

LBG... where you at!?!?!?!


mjwdec73 said...

I can't wait til I can try on normal sized clothes. I don't want to buy them, I just want to be able to put them on. Congrats on the 14 and 14/16 - all your hard work is really paying off!