Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Ok not really... since when are Monday's anything but suicidal... struggled to get out of bed this morning... too scared to weigh myself today... kind of ignoring the scales at the moment!!! The weekend goes way too quickly, one minute you're doing your saturday morning spin class and the next you're making lunch for work on Sunday night... *sigh*

MJW asked a question which I thought was interesting: Do you sit at the hairdresser looking at the person in the mirror wondering who they are, or have you moved on from that?

Actually, it doesn't have to be at the hairdresser, it's pretty much every time I get in front of a mirror. I'll be cleansing my face and look up after patting it dry and look at myself. Or I'll be walking past a shop front and catch a glimpse of my reflection and not recognise that it is me for a split second... it's a lovely feeling!

Eating this weekend has been mixed. I've started the day off soooooo healthy - half bran muffins after my Gym session... then it went down hill and on Saturday evening I finished off a whole packet of Maltesers (100g!!!) *eek*. I did redeem myself a little by having a chicken wrap with heaps of salad which I only ate a little bit of. Sunday was a vege omlette (yum), then Yum Cha for lunch for fathers day (can't say that was too healthy!!) and then off to the movies where I had a small frozen coke, pop corn and some jelly snakes. Dinner was a small plate of beef stroganoff, 2 tbls rice and some steamed veges.. Loving the fact that I can eat again (and I must say, so are my bowels!!), but not loving the fact that I'm getting hungrier sooner and can eat more. So this week I'm going to be tracking everything I eat on calorie king and get into the exercise this week. Plans for Exercise are as follows:

Monday 8/9 - Spin Class 5:45pm
Tuesday 9/9 - Spin Class 6:15am
Wednesday 10/9 - Lunch Time Cardio
Thursday 11/9 - Spin Class 6:15am
Friday 12/9 - Lunch Time Cardio
Saturday 13/9 - Core 7:45am, Spin 8:30am
Sunday 14/9 - Rest

Have a good week!

LBG xx


Diz said...

I'm looking forward to the mirror/reflection moment. What are Yum Cha's? Sounds interesting.

Bridget said...

It is awesome when you go past a shop window waiting for the reflection back to be this huge blob and its not!!!
Go you and the exercise!