Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm such a guts!!

I can't believe how much I have been eating since I had that fill taken out. Granted, I can still feel some restriction, it's nowhere near as much as before! Yesterday I got home from work, got out the camembert and rice crackers (bad move!), and before I knew it, half the cheese and two rows of the crackers was gone!! 2 hours later I was having curry and rice at a local nepalese resteraunt. It is nice to go out for a meal knowing that you don't have to position where you sit so you can make a quick and some what subtle exit to the bathroom, or your choice of resterant is determined by whether or not they have soup on the menu, or when you get your meal and you start to hyperventilate because you realise you can only eat 2 mouthfuls and your dining partners are going to wonder why you're not eating!! That's why I like going to places where you share food - we shared a whole heap of curry and rice last night, then there is tapas and thai where you just pick off the plates. No-one else is really watching what you are eating because they're too busy trying to feed their own faces!! But when you've ordered your own meal and everyone else has cleaned their plates and you're trying to hide food under your napkin...

I digress, I figured that if I'm going to be able to eat more (and enjoy the fact that I can eat more) then I was going to have to put some safe guards in place to ensure that I don't put on any weight.

1. I must go to the gym (or do some form of exercise) 5 days per week (4 at the minimum). I have a polar F11 heart monitor which tracks my calories, session numbers, time spent exercising etc. If I make my target each week I get a trophy as my wall paper. if I don't make the target, the wall paper goes back to a swirl and it takes a whole week to try and get that trophy back again.
2. I will drink more water! Something I haven't been doing since my unfill. I have been drinking more coffee though ( I can't seem to function without a good coffee in the morning these days!!). I have a water bottle at my desk at work, and I will aim to drink two of these per day.
3. The food that I do eat will be quality foods (not rice crackers and cheese!!). So things like Fruit (I've got strawberries and madarins for lunch today, YUM) and vegetables will grace my plate every day. I will make an effort to eat well, fuel my body and enjoy it!
4. I will track what I eat on Calorie King so that I am accountable.

OK, that's all from me today. I'm off to fill my water bottle!

LBG xx


Diz said...

Ok...I'm really hungry now. Can I come with you to dine on that fantastic food?

Bridget said...

Sounds like a really good plan hun. Even though I am ok with the level of restriction at the moment I think I will take some of your ideas on board.
You can do this! Think of it as a mini challenge!!