Friday, September 19, 2008

Support.. and a question..

You guys are amazing! Thanks to Diz, Nola, Cat, Bridget, MYF, Christa, Suzie, Tracey and the rest of you amazing bandits (or soon to be bandits!!!) for providing wonderful support to someone you've never met!! :) *hugs* go out to all of you!!

I don't think Anon was ever personally attacking me.. I agree that he/she has the right to her own opinion.. however, I have asked her/him not to comment on my blog if she is going to comment negative nasty things, and it has been continuing (as you know). He/She left yet another comment, which I've decided not to put on here...

Question: Do you think that losing 56kg in 8 months is healthy? that would be around 7kg/month or just under 1.5kg/week. Anon seems to think that losing that much weight that quickly is the way it should be done if you have a lapband... He/She said she read it in another blog. While I'm in awe that people can lose weight that quickly, I am a bit concerned by the fact that this person is losing so quick!
1. Surely this person is not getting all the vitamin and minerals necessary and would be feeling quite lethargic and ill?
2. The quicker you take the weight off, the quicker you can put it back on...
3. This person might have their band way to tight and just can't eat anything?
3. This person is 200kg and has lost about as much weight as would be expected for someone of their size in that amount of time... MYF would you agree here?

One thing that was different about me when I got my lapband was that I already had a fairly high exercise level. I wasn't exercising to the same intensity as I do now, because I carry around less weight, but I was still working hard. When I went to my Physiotherapy session after getting my lapband, the point of the session was to "start" teaching people how to move with alot of weight to carry so that they didn't injur themselves. The physio asked me what exercises I did... I told her, and she basically had nothing to teach me that I didn't already know!! So I sat there while morbidly obese people around me learnt how to do sit-ups and star jumps!! I was also quite a "small" obese person. My BMI was around 39 which puts me up there, but not as high as some..

I've been having a think about my current food intake and since it's slowly coming up to summer, I've decided I'm going to shake it up a little. Instead of having smaller portions of foods that I normally eat, I'm going to start to eat whole and minimally processed foods.

For example:
Breakfast, instead of having cereal and milk or a protein shake, I will have fruit and yoghurt (I want to look into getting a flaxseed nut/museli mix that I can sprinkle over to get some extra protein and good fats)
For lunch, instead of having canned soup or leftovers or half a sandwhich, I'm going to have salads with BBQ chicken, or cottage cheese and tabouleh and whole grain vita wheat, or vege sticks with tzatsiki
snacks will be the whole fruit, rather than the diced fruit in the cups - especially with the summer fruits coming back in season this should be easy to do!! Or some raw nuts (they reaaaaaaally fill me up and I only need a few grams!), or vege sticks with a home made Hommus or Guacamole
Dinner will be alot more fresh fish, chicken and steamed vege without the carbs like rice and potato (which at the moment I can still eat - pasta and bread are still out).
I'm also trying to have more green tea which I am getting back in to, and trying to cut back on the coffee which I'm finding difficult.

I also want to get out of the post-dinner sweet funk that I'm currently in. I keep fun size chocolates in the freezer for when I feel like something sweet, but I want to get out of the habit of wanting something sweet around 1 hour after I eat dinner. I think it's a matter of going cold turkey..

OK, enough from me again today! What a lot of reading..

Night night!!

LBG xx


Cat McKenzie said...

I'm not sure whether losing 56 kgs in 8 months is extremely unhealthy for someone at 200 kgs. I guess it depends on how they are doing it. If they're working out hard seven days a week and eating small portions or really nutritious food, then maybe it's acceptable. I think, too, that it's more likely that a man could do this than a woman.

If it's for any of the reasons you say, though (band too tight, can't eat anything) then I'd be really concerned for that person.

My doctor has me aiming for .5 to 1 kilo a week. She doesn't want me to lose any more than that. One reason is that if you lose too quickly then loose skin becomes much more of a problem. Another is that the faster you lose the unhealthier it can be.

For my part I'm happy losing my .5 kilos a week. It's enough. I feel really strong and healthy and I can eat a broad range of foods, and that's what I'm aiming for. My band just keeps my quanitities in line.

Your new eating regime sounds awesome. I might try some of those things. Especially the vege sticks.

Oh, now I'm hungry. It must be breakfast time.


Anonymous said...

love reading your blog because its YOUR journey. feel free not to talk about that anon person who leaves crap remarks about you. you just might be feeding their ego. ignore what they write and see if they come sure they will cos they love to argue! .... from another anon

Diz said...

You know, each person is different. Some lose weight faster, others slower. I think you are on track and doing it right, and you can't compare yourself to anyone else. As long as you feel good and healthy, it'll all work out.

mjwdec73 said...

As someone who started at 187 and has now lost what feels like a ridiculous amount of weight in the last nine months, I think you are right. I've lost a ridiculous amount - but I had a ridiculous amount to start with. Reducing intake and upping exercise will do that - my body still needs a stack of calories just to function, so reducing intake means I'm just using up my stores.

My doctor would be happy with 1 - 2 kilo loss a month. Over 18 months that is 18 - 36 kilos, so you are right in the healthy loss zone. The key word there is healthy. You are healthy and fit - and that is what counts.