Saturday, September 20, 2008

Size 14 pants!

A momentous NSV for me today. I went to the shops to run a few errands and Husband and I were walking through target (in my size 18 target jeans mind you). We passed the women's clothes section and I saw these cute cargo army style pants. Husband suggested I try a pair on (he's into military stuff and has the same type of pants). So I instinctively reach for the size 16 (only cos there were no size 18 pants on the rack). Husband put is arm out to stop me and took the size 14 off the shelf. I immediately cringed at the thought of trying to squeeze my big butt into a 14, knowing that it would be too tight. I tried to take both the 16 and the 14 in, but Husband convinced me otherwise and I toddled off to the change rooms to try these pants on, with the sinking feeling in my heart that they weren't going to fit.

One leg went in, fit well around the thigh... other leg slid in and managed to pull the pants up over my hips... second hurdle crossed with success. Then came doing up the buttons!.. Low and behold there was enough material there to do up the pants! They are snug... but I can still sit down in them, and they are not that stretchy jean material either. I ran out of the change room to show hubby, who was equally as pleased for me. I took off the pants and looked at the waist band, thinking that the size 16 had been accidentally put on a size 14 hanger... not so! I was well and truely wearing a size 14.

A HUGE occassion especially because I have a very vivid memory of me going into target and not even being able to fit into a stretch size 18 pair of jeans and having to cross over to the plus size section to buy jeans with elastic in the waist.

You could have left me at the shopping centre all day and I would have been more than happy walking from shop to shop trying things on!! *lol*

Here is a photo of my first size 14 pants (and at $23, they were a bargain too!).

Love LBG xx


Nola said...

Congratulations! That must be the most fantastic feeling in the world!...I like the pants too:)

fatgirlslim said...

LOVE the pants! It is my DREAM to be able to walk into a regular store like Target and pick up a '14' off the rack!!! Well done!

I think the fact that your 'anon' friend knows so much about bandsters and their blogs indicates that he/she is lurking in them for some reason - possibly, and PROBABLY - he/she is in complete denial about needing the surgery herself. I think it's more sad than anything... one moment talking about a 700lb man "starving himself" to death from not having enough nutrients - to telling you that you should be losing 7kg per month?!!?! Clearly confused.

Though... I must admit, that me being pre-banded.. it does actually make me question my decision... which deep down, I know is stupid... it's just tough.

Good on you for making the decision to re-furb your meals too! they sound so healthy and delicious!

Love, L

Nola said...

I was thinking about anon and I have to say.....
firstly...why would you search lapband blogs if you were not
a) fat
b) lost weight but still like to read motivational blogs
c) banded & successful thus far
d) banded & failing
e) considering being banded
f) really want to be banded but can't afford it, so have some physco thing going on where you want to spit venom at people that can afford to have it done...
I would be interested to know what catagory anon fits in actually. Either way, I have decided to feel sorry for them.

Diz said...

Love those totally cuticle pants. Congrats! How wonderful to have a supportive husband that notices the weightloss.

mjwdec73 said...

Love the pants - that is so exciting. Way to go hubby!!! Good call.