Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I will NOT go backwards!

I've worked too damn hard to get down to this weight to see it go back up again!! Next appointment is October 22nd, and I know I'm going to need some fill put in. Even this morning I've got some massive funky tummy rumbles going on, which feel rather foreign to me!! I know I could probably go and have a cheese and ham scroll from Bakers delight right now without any problems, but I've got to keep on top of my food intake if I don't want to see those scales go up!!

It was so bizarre, last night I was thinking (and salivating) about what food I'd be able to eat now... Fried Rice, Stir Fry, Chunky Salads, Meat, Thai food.... and guess what... most of it was healthy! *lol* Macdonalds did cross my mind a few times. I've been craving eating a burger or a kebab or something really fulfilling recently, and then when I eat the craving goes away!! I think while I'm less restricted I'm actually going to have a kebab (which is probably better than a burger!!) and really really really enjoy it! Oh, and SUBWAY... I'm craving a 6 inch with chicken, loads of salad and ranch dressing... YUM!

Another thing I told myself I would do is start up the exercise again. So this morning I was back at the gym at the 6:15am spin class. OMG, I almost passed out / threw up, but damn I feel awesome right now. Husband and I are going to start going for evening walks as well, cos it's getting lighter in the evening now.

Feels so good to be able to drink without the pressure I was getting in my chest. I guzzled a 600mL bottle of water at the gym this morning with no problems.

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a fab day!

LBG xx


Diz said...

Looks like you've been through a lot these past few days. Stay strong. Eat healthy and if you do give in to the cravings, go lightly. You'll be ok.

mjwdec73 said...

You know what - go and eat the kebab - and enjoy it. You will stay on top of things - just keep that exercise going and you will be OK. I love that you are craving healthy stuff - that is so cool.

I know that you have been the one doing all the work - you will just have less of your tool for a few weeks - but you are the one who does it.

Bridget said...

Kudos to you for solildering on!
If the scales go up, just remember you are probably drinking a lot more fluid so you could be holding it.
Go you and 6.15 at gym! I honestly would never be able to do that but admire you so much for being able to!

Sally said...

Just found your site today LBG! I was doing a search for blogs about lap bands. I'm about 150lbs overweight right now and am really not sure the lap band would be right for me. I'm particularly alarmed at what you can't eat, and having a liquid diet for so long after surgery. I know it's safe.. I guess it's a mental fear for me at this point.

But I am determined to learn more before I commit. I really admire you for laying it all out like this, and for being so honest about your journey. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and coming back often.