Monday, September 8, 2008

Yum Cha = deliciousness

Diz asked what Yum Cha is... why are you asking this question? How can you not know what Yum Cha is?!?!?!

I have taken the liberty of googling Yum Cha and you can find the answer here. My fave dish is prawn wrapped in rice noodles with soy sauce... and this time I could eat it!!! Actually, I could eat all 3 portions of them.. and the prawns went down easy.. but I was still amazingly full afterwards (still some restriction there!!)

All I can say... Yum Cha = Deliciousness!


Bridget said...

YES YES YES!!! yum cha is awesome!! I personally think its perfect for bandsters because of the portion size. Not so much with the calories. Lol. I usually go fried because I heard it was harder for bandsters with the steamed stuff. I didn't really have any issues a few weeks ago when I did the steamed stuff.
Just thinking about it makes me want it!

Nola said...

just found your blog! Loving it. I am about to be banded early October so I am finding your blog really informative! My blog

Diz said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for the definition. I've had plenty of Dim Sum (and I'm actually a Sushi fanatic), but I think, in the States, we just say we're going for "Dim Sum" instead of using the correct term of "Yum Cha". You know us Yanks...we slaughter everything to suit us. What up with that?