Wednesday, September 17, 2008

30kg lost says I've learnt a thing or two!!!

Yeah Cat.. I totally agree with you about Anonymous and his/her comment. He/She comes back occasionally to post his/her comments... He/She has obviously never had a weight problem.. and yeah, they never like to leave a name.. I'm used to it. Quite frankly it amuses me! There are so many amazing people who read my blog, and I get such positive feedback. So when Anon leaves me nasty comments, I enjoy reading them... because it just affirms how ignorant some people are about weight loss, gastric banding surgery and all that other stuff.

So to respond to Anonymous....

I will always love food, not just fatty foods, but all types of foods. And I know that I will always need help, and I know I will never be free of dieting. I accept that. My band is my tool, my help and will be with me forever. I will constantly be struggling with my weight for the rest of my life.

I must have learnt something over the past 1.5 years... - I have lost over 30kg !!! From going to a morbidly obese couch potato that was on the boarder of diabetes, in a size 24, at the ripe old age of 27, to being 30kg lighter, happily married to a wonderful man, jogging on the treadmill and on the street for over 20 mins and in a size 14... I think something has definitely changed don't you??

And just so you know Anonymous, I don't care what other people think of me, and I always had a full and enriched life, regardless of my weight.. so while I know that there are some people out there who don't judge overweight people... the majority do..

So Anonymous, unless you have never made a mistake, never put a foot wrong, never given into a craving, never had junk food because you felt like it, never eaten a little too much at christmas dinner... I suggest you shut the fuck up and stop leaving your pointless and nasty comments on my blog.

To all my other readers who "get" what's happening with me and my band... Thank you for stopping by!!!

Love love

LBG xx


Cat McKenzie said...

All I can say is: RIGHT ON sister!!!!!

Oh, my Lord, you made me laugh out loud! Not just a little laugh either but a damn good belly.

I don't care what Anonymous thinks...I reckon you have done amazingly well and you should be damn proud of yourself. I'm definitely a fan!


Crista said...

Good on you gurl... what a load of crap from Anon... Sounds like Anon may have some weight issues of their own..

You know you've done well and thats all that matters at the end of the day...

Keep happy and good on you...
xo Crista

Anonymous said...

a little harsh don't you think? it is a free country after all.

if you didn't care, why band?

as for dieting, well there is your whole problem in one tiny little word.

this is what i'm saying. you DON'T get it. you NEVER will get it. a band is not a tool, it is a fail safe that let me assure you, will one day fail.

you deny yourself what your body really needs which causes you to be hungry, which in turns causes you to be fat. do you know that there is a 700lb man who starved to death? why you may ask? how? because he failed to feed his body the proper nutrients it requires. not just healthy food, gorgeous fruit and salad... REAL nutrients.

i suggest you listen to your body and see exactly what it is asking for. if you listen hard enough, long enough, you won't need your band.

btw - anyone can lose 30kgs in 1.5 years when they have shrunk their stomach to the size of a small tomato, it is not an achievement. it is basic physical laws.

in fact, your loss is relatively small compared to most band losers.

Suzie said...

Anon stop being a fuck wit...

keep your negativity to yourself and since you are so opinionated start your own fucking blog and express your thoughts about everyone else's weight loss there.


Nola said...

Yes, it is a free country anon. At least people "like us" choose to have a lapband and acknowledge that we need help and some sort of tool to get us on the right track. However, other's....maybe even you, don't realise they have a problem until the men come around to their house and slap the straight jacket on them!!!!!
Have you considered upping your medication? lol

Cat McKenzie said...

I completely agree with Suzie. Anon is a fuckwit, an asshole and a coward to boot.

You know, I don't have a problem with Anon expressing her opinion about lapbanding, I really don't. Free country after all. What irks me is the fact that she uses her anonymity to actually personally attack Lapband Girl. And she so fucking ill-informed that it's criminal. Seems to me that she just has a personal grudge against LBG but uses the lapband as a means to "have a go".

If she'd done any research at all on lapbanding, she'd know that she's talking through her arse. Go talk to a bariatric surgeon.

She's said in previous comments that she doesn't judge people (speaking of fat people in particular). Well, if you ask me there's a whole heap of judgment in the way Anon is treating LBG and, by extension, everyone who has a lapband.

Anon doesn't want to have a serious discussion though. If she did, she wouldn't be anonymous and her method of contact wouldn't be through people's comments.

Anon is a coward who is just frothing off at the mouth. In classic internet speak, she's a troll.

Fuck off anon! Go bother some other group online.


Diz said...

Good for you standing up for yourself. To "Anon"...YAWN!

mjwdec73 said...

I had a good giggle at your post - nice work. Anon is just an ignorant dill, too scared to grow up and discuss things like an adult. I love my band!